2017 Annual Report

Hello CER Assembly,

Please see below and attached our Annual Report for 2017.



Highlights from the last year include:

  • Regional Assemblies held in Stockholm Sweden & Budapest Hungary
  • Online Assemblies held using Skype for Business
  • Publication of our new CER Service Manual “How it Works – a quick reference guide to service at Region
  • Representation at the European Mental Health Conference in Berlin
  • Formation of the new European Online Intergroup
  • Roll-out of our new AAmail email service
  • Uploading of a selection of AA GB Literature PDFs to our website
  • The Steering Committee has continued to meet online monthly, with participation and valuable contribution from CER officers
  • We welcomed a new Treasurer, Alternate Treasurer and new RECLO.
  • Added the position of RASLO to our service opportunities
  • Several CER officers travelled to York to participate in Regional Officer Meetings
  • Important work for CER’s future being done by the ad-hoc Outreach and GDPR committees.
  • Our General Service Board (GSB) Trustee was elected to become GSB Chair.



Total contributions received from Groups / Intergroups in 2017 was 36,209€.

Our total expenditure in 2017 was 25.977€, which included a 5.000€ contribution to GSO.

CER’s prudent reserve was increased to 20.000€ in September.




Members of CER represented AA at this year’s European Conference on Mental Health (ECMH) held from October 4th to 6th at the Ramada Hotel Alexanderplatz in Berlin Germany. Demonstration AA Meetings were put on for conference attendees to see how an AA meeting works.

Public Information

Our PI Officer has been hosting regular online PI Workshops on Skype for Business. Many active members from all over Europe joined to discuss their PI activities including; visits to international schools, hospitals, PI on the radio and in local publications.



Personal stories from AA members in CER have been published regularly through ArenA, our online newsletter. Remember to submit your story to us – it’s a great way to carry the message. A new member recently let us know that after reading a personal story online, he then decided to try a meeting!  We are also in discussions with the Scottish magazine “Roundabout” with regards to possible collaboration/sharing of articles – stay tuned!

Submit your story to the ArenA Editor via email here arena.cer@nullaamail.org

Subscribe to ArenA here https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/membership-of-a-a/arena/



Our Regional Assemblies, which average around 33 members, had representatives from all over Continental Europe, including:

Active Intergroups – IG Bavaria, Tri-Borders IG, Nordic IG, Vienna IG, Rhine-Neckar IG, Rhineland-Pfalz IG, Zurich IG, Netherlands IG, Costa del Sol IG, Berlin IG, European Online IG & South of France IG.

Active Groups – Budapest, Milan, Amsterdam, Online Women’s, First164YP Online, Malmö, & Freiburg.

CER always welcomes both new, and old,  Intergroups & Groups to join us in service!




Our website plays an important part in helping us achieve our aims, with many members and newcomers accessing our site for information. It is also our main communications hub where we frequently publish AA Events, meeting information, and ArenA posts.

During a usual three month period, we receive around 34,000 users, with over 100,000 page views. Users are accessing our website via a mobile device  (59.2 %), Desktop  (30.05%) and Tablet (10.3%), and are located in the US (23.1%), UK (19%), Germany (8.9%), Italy (5.1%) and Spain (3.9%).

CER Meetings List

Our meetings list has around 687 meetings in over 365 locations. Make sure your group details are correct and updated regularly.

Website Updater Team

The team usually handles around 40-50 updates per month, including the posting of AA Events.

Help Response Team

The team respond to help requests sent to help@nullalcoholics-anonymous.eu within 24 hours. In June we received 23 requests, 36 in July and 61 in August. Help requests are mostly from members looking for meetings (35,8%) and suffering alcoholics seeking help (10%).



Our team of six delegates, and three alternates, have been active in service all year:

  • At Conference 2017, CER’s “The GSC Annual Process Map” was adopted as Conference Approved Literature.
  • Ron D. (Committee 2) and Matt S. (Committee 4) were elected as Committee Chairs for 2018.
  • The Delegates submitted three Questions for Conference 2018, and two were accepted.
  • The Online Feedback Form was used successfully, alongside frequent webinars.

Remember the Delegates are available to provide support to Groups/Intergroups in CER throughout the year.




CER’s archives have been retrieved from previous archivist, and the first edition of the “Archives Newsletter” has been published.

Young People

The YPLO position is currently vacant, and we are looking for a member to serve in this role.

Armed Services

This is a new service position for us in 2017, created in response to a need from an IG.

Participate in Service with Us!

CER has many service opportunities – just check our website for upcoming vacancies.



For more information on CER, please refer to the following documents, available on our website:

Dates and locations for the Regional Assemblies 2018 are published on our website.

  • 2018 March 3rd – 4th Vienna, Austria
  • 2018 June 9th – 10th Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 2018 September 2nd Online
  • 2018 December 1st – 2nd [To be Confirmed]

Get in touch with CER

Secretary: secretary.cer@nullaamail.org

Website: www.alcoholics–anonymous.eu 



The Continental European Region (CER) of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Great Britain serves English speaking AA Members, Groups, and Intergroups in Continental Europe.

CER, as guided by the Three Legacies of AA (Recovery, Unity and Service) and with a primary purpose of carrying AA’s message to the still suffering alcoholic, aims to:

  1. Lead public information initiatives and cooperate with the professional community at the European level.
  2. Facilitate the exchange of information / best practice experiences between AA Groups / Intergroups.
  3. Provide alcoholics, both local and from abroad, with access to AA services and support, particularly in isolated and remote areas.
  4. Represent and link the AA Groups / Intergroups with the annual General Service Conference.
  5. Create opportunities for AA members to contribute to and gain experience in AA service.
  6. Encourage cooperation with each European host nation AA.


Yours in service,

Matt S.
Secretary, Continental European Region

CER Annual Report 2017