Preparations for 75th Anniversary Convention

As some AA members already know, this landmark event will be held at Leeds Arena from Founders’ Day, 10-12 June, 2022 with an anticipated attendance of up to 6,000 members from all over the world. More details can be found at:

Part of the 75th Convention Committee’s overall plan is to publish a commemorative book which will be included in the registration pack. It will be designed to provide local and historical identification to as many AA members, young and old, as possible. It will also include timelines showing the growth of service in all disciplines, within our groups, intergroups and all 15 regions in Scotland, England and Wales as well as our Continental European Region. This is a huge undertaking, which will clearly require the help of as many members as possible for successful completion.

For this reason, a Working Group has been formed including a member from Archives, GSB, Roudabout, Share and the 75th Convention Committee, each of whom will act as the link with members in three regions. This working group hopes to gather anecdotes, snippets of wisdom or fun, photographs of venues old and new, experiences of old-timers, newcomers or those opening new groups, etc. in order to then design, edit and create an interesting, informative, enjoyable, and attractive publication. We hope that this commemorative book will also be available for purchase after the Convention.

Members, in or outside Scotland, who have thoughts, questions, ideas or contributions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to make contact as follows:

Reprinted with persmission: Roundabout June 2019