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“While I lay in the hospital the thought came that there were thousands of
hopeless alcoholics who might be glad to have what had been so freely given
me.” BB Bill’s Story, p.14

What a gift to be able to serve others. When I first came to A.A. I was a
messed up young woman with a lot of fear and hatred inside and not much hope

There was no space for anybody else than me, myself and I. I was sick and
insane. Of course, no one wanted to accompany me anymore, beside my now
beloved fellows who welcomed me so warm and even said: “Good to see you! Keep coming
back! We love you.”

When I reached out for help, there have been sober alcoholics who took my
hand and offered a solution to me.
It was the presence and the warmth of these people in recovery who helped me
stay in A.A. and they were companions on my way into a new beautiful and
sober life.

Today, I am not filled up with hatred anymore – I want to give back what was
so freely given to me and what surely saved my life.

A.A.’s CER website often receives emails from still suffering alcoholics who
are desperate, want to stop drinking and need help. Often we are the first
contact they make with Alcoholics Anonymous, in the safe anonymity of the world wide
web, afraid of what they might expect. Just remember your first cry out for
help. We can help out with some warm, understanding words and information on what
to do next.

We also receive emails from family members who don’t know what to do
anymore, because the alcoholic in their life is destroying her/-himself and
everything in her/his environment. We can help out with some warm,
understanding words and information on Al-Anon. We also help fellows finding
meetings Europe-wide, just think of our members who are not that familiar with
using a computer and searching websites.

It is a pure, humble and grateful service. It is the perfect service
position, if you can answer emails and surf the web! 🙂

The still suffering alcoholic needs you – be the first to help at the A.A.
Central European Region website email responder team!
We would love to have you on board. The email responder team
is made up of 3 people who respond to emails coming in through the CER website
from fellows-to-be, fellows, family members and friends who are seeking help.

Sobriety requirement is one year, as it is the term of service.
Duty, Dedication, Commitment. Come and join the A.A. CER email responder team!

We’d love to have you on board!

If you’re interested or would like to know more, please get in touch at: