A Cry for Carrying the Message!

“Hear Ye – Hear Ye – Hear Ye”

Please be aware that the Continental European Region has EIGHT service positions that need to be filled.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who can add value to these positions. Each position is essential in making CER a complete working unit.

Remember, “We are not a glum lot” (Alcoholics Anonymous, The Family Afterwards). Yes, committee’s can be dry, and the mundane tasks are necessary in the big cog that keeps AA turning.

What is the benefit, you may ask? Well, for me and countless others it is another tool in my new toolbox that helps me to be in “Fit Spiritual Condition” and at maximum use to my Higher Power and those around me.

As a spoke in the AA Triangle – Unity, Service and Recover,  these positions offer me a look at service at a regional level. The service work of being a trusted servant at this level has no fanfare, but what it does accomplish is it keeps AA intact and operating for the countless others who will be Trudging The Road of Happy Destiny in days, months, and years to come. That’s the satisfaction I take away is knowing I have been part of something for the still suffering alcoholic.

Here are the positions. They are described here:

Alternate Treasurer

Public Information (PI) Officer

Young People Liaison Officer (YPLO)

Armed Forces Liaison Officer (RASLO)

Candidate for Trustee from Central European Region

Alternate Regional Delegate to Conference

Member of the Web Update team

Member of the Online Email Help Response team

I look forward to meeting those individuals who put forward their resume, sooner rather than later, and hope you all are staying safe and well.


James R

Vice Chair CER

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