A Note from our Chair

Hi again everyone,

Apologies in advance for this lengthy message. The information is time sensitive and very important but contains very good news.

Nigel P., the General Service Board (GSB) Trustee from the Continental European Region (CER) has been elected as the GSB Chair and will rotate into that position at the completion of Conference in April 2018.

Congratulations to Nigel on this richly deserved honour!

This is great news for him, as well as being a great thing for the Board. He will most certainly be a superb Chair. (It also speaks very well of CER.)

However, this does mean he will be rotating out as Trustee from CER early. Therefore, we need to get Trustee nominees in place as quickly as possible. Only then can the Board elect the new Trustee from CER for ratification at Conference next year.

For this reason, we are planning to elect nominees for the Trustee position at the June CER meeting in Stockholm.

CER elects nominees using the Third Legacy Procedure, which is explained in Appendix A of the ‘Welcome to Region’ manual on the CER website and can be found here (pp. 34-35). We can nominate as many people as we wish and have, in recent history, sent forward all who received the required 2/3 majority. It is requested that we send forward at least two candidates.

Our nominees are then forwarded to the General Service Office where the Board interviews two candidates and votes on them.

CER normally announces vacancies six months in advance. However, in the event of a resignation, we may hold elections at the next CER Assembly.

As this effectively constitutes a resignation, the Steering Committee has decided that it is best to elect nominees at the June Assembly in Stockholm rather than wait until the September online meeting. Electing the nominees in June will give the eventual selected person as much time as possible for the mandatory Board training before being approved at Conference.

Basic eligibility requirements are ten years of sobriety and having served a full three-year term as Delegate at Conference. The third year at Conference can be the same year the Trustee is ratified (as was the case with Nigel). One of the years at Conference can be served as an Alternate Delegate.

Board Members serve a four-year term, although they may be elected to serve on the Executive Committee (like Nigel) for an additional period, totalling not more than six years.

Descriptions of eligibility requirements and Board responsibilities from the The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain can be found here.

The full section on the GSB in the Structure Handbook can be read here (pp. 109 – 117).

We urge anyone who is eligible to consider standing for this vital service position. CER, the GSB and the Fellowship at large have benefitted from the long line of excellent trusted servants who have served as Trustees from CER.

Questions? Please ask.

In Fellowship,




Trustee Information from Structure Handbook 2017

Welcome to Region Guidelines PDF

The Structure Handbook for Great Britain PDF