A Note from the Chair


Dear Fellows,

The Steering Committee of CER is tasked with carrying on the business of CER between Assemblies. At the moment we are, among other things, putting together a spending plan for the coming year. Below is a note recently sent out by the Chair to all CER Officers, reminding them to make their spending submissions in good time. This will provide some insight as to how we arrive at a spending plan and look after 7th Tradition Funds each year. We will be happy to keep you abreast of the process as it evolves.

Our Financial Year comes to a close on November 30th. As in previous years, the Treasurer will present a budget proposal at the December Assembly. In order to be able to present realistic numbers, the Treasurer needs your input by October 25th.

The guiding principle for spending is the so-called overflowing hat. What Groups can do under their own steam to carry the message, they should do. Any remaining money goes to Intergroup. There the same principle applies; What Intergroups can do in carrying the message should be done and financed at this level. Any remaining funds are passed on to Region. Here we should set ourselves the task of analyzing if we are doing all we can at Region level to carry the message. When we get to the bottom of that, we cost the proposed activities for 2019, check the financial feasibility and, if feasible put them in our budget. The Assembly has the final word in approving the budget each year.
Anything left in the pot after this exercise is sent to GSO, keeping in mind that we carry an agreed prudent reserve.

For your information, the Travel, Living and Incidental spending for the Officers and Delegates to the respective Annual Meetings/Conference in York will be automatically calculated based on past experience. In this current exercise we are talking about activities over and above the regular business of CER, i.e. spending on PI Events, Participation in Conferences (PI, HLO, etc.) or extraordinary expenses already visible on the horizon (Website Services, etc.).

Please submit your approximate numbers to the Treasurer in good time. This will give us an opportunity to round out the complete budget proposal at a Steering Committee Meeting prior to the December Assembly. And remember, roughly right will do.

Thank you for your contribution to this effort. Newly-elected officers may wish to consult their respective predecessors to get a historical overview of spending.

In fellowship,


Chair, Continental European Region (CER)