AA’s International Convention – A family Get-together

AA’s International Convention – A family Get-together

Have you ever attended one of AA’s International Conventions? If you have, and want to repeat this wonderful experience, you should be aware that registration for 2020’s convention in Detroit opens on September 9th.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend previously, I can only recommend it. I am a fan of roundups and conventions anyway. Going into a wide selection of meetings, hearing shares where I can’t anticipate the next words, one-on-ones, meeting members of my AA family who are new to me, feeling the excitement and joy of newcomers experiencing a convention for the first time: These experiences charge my AA batteries and give me that feeling of joy, which was so missing when I was drinking.

The International increases the intensity of these experiences by a magnitude however. Even now as I write, the remembrance of holding hands with 60,000 other alcoholics as we said the serenity prayer together gives me goosebumps. For me, it was a spiritual experience I would not like to have missed and one which I yearn to feel again. Meeting up with people I only get to see every five years because distance separates us so. Seeing old friends who used to be part of our European community but who have returned to the US. Watching the flag ceremony at the opening ceremony, when the flag of each country with a representative attending is carried in. Supporting friends asked to share in a meeting. These were all special & unique moments.

2020 will be my sixth International Convention. I always start saving for the next one as soon as I get home and am looking forward to being in Vancouver in 2025 (provided I stay sober, that is). Shortly after I got sober, I fled to Vancouver to avoid being in Germany during the annual carnival celebrations (drunkathon), it being as far away as I could get. It would be nice to return for the convention.

I have sent a copy of the flyer to the webmaster and expect that it will be available for you soon. Hope you can make it to Detroit. I would love to meet you there.

Steve R