General history of AAEvolution of CER
1950 November 16thDr. Bob (co-founder of AA) dies
1952First AA Roundup in Wiesbaden American High School
1953 JuneThe Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 x 12) is published
1953 November 2ndHotel Leopold Munich
First invitation to Germans to an open AA meeting.
1954 OctoberThe “Alcoholic Foundation” becomes the “General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous”
1955 July 20thAnniversary Convention in Saint Louis, MO
1957Creation of First Overseas General Service Board of Alcoholics Ano nymous in Great Britain and Ireland; “AA Comes of Age” publishedAA membership soars to over two-hundred thousand people, with more than 7000 groups in seventy countries and US possessions.
1959AA Publishing, Incorporated becomes AA World Services, Incorporated
1960 July 25thAnniversary Convention in Long Beach, CA.
1962Publication of the “12 Concepts for World Service” written by Bill W.
1962Invitation extended to Bill W. and Lois to attend the 10th Annual Roundup in Wiesbaden
1962AA meetings started in Hamburg (with the help of Mr. Abel from England) and in Düsseldorf (with the assistance of Robert from Chicago). [information extracted from the German Archives]
1962First AA meeting at the South Side Chapel at Ramstein Air Base.
1962Twenty active meetings are listed in the AA World Directory with about 170 members.
1963First AA meeting in Berlin (information provided by Ed from Zehlendorf)
1963Meetings in Bad Kreuznach and Aschaffenburg
1964 October 11thFirst meeting of the Greater Frankfurt Area Intergroup, which consisted one German and seven American groups
1965 JulyChange of the ratio of trustees of the General Serivce Board (now two-thirds majority of Alcoholic members). The AA Fellowship accepts top responsibilities for all its future affairs
1967Publication of the book “The AA Way of Life”, now called “As Bill Sees It”
1969First World Service Meeting held in New York with delegates from fourteen countriesMunich
HELD in US Army hospital Perlacher Forst housing area (what was held?)
1970Thirty-fifth Anniversary Convention held in Miami Beach, FL
1971 January 24thWilliam Griffith Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, dies in Miami Beach, FL.
1971 November 26thFirst Intergroup meeting held at Sembach Air Base; the existing groups were divided into six areas, each area having its own Chairperson who is to be present at the Intergroup meetings
1972Second World Service meeting is held in New York.Doctor Jack Norris, the non-alcoholic trustee, is sent from GSO New York to Germany to contact the military and meet with Intergroup members in Wiesbaden and Semback
1973Publication of “Came to Believe”Intergroup Continental Europe grows to nine areas
1973Meetings in Mannheim and Bamberg
1973 AprilDistribution of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” reaches the one million mark
1973 June 30th to July 1stFirst Intergroup Roundup in Wiesbaden
1974Intergroup Roundup in Lahr
1975Publication of “Living Sober”German-American Roundup in Kassel, Germany
1975 June 1stEnglish-speaking Convention in Brussels
1975 September 25thFirst AA meeting in Rome at the US Embassy
1975First AA meeting in Den Haag, Holland
1976Publication of the Third Edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”First AA meeting in Naples, Italy
1977Holland joins Intergroup Continental Europe
1979Frankfurt International group celebrates its 25th Anniversary
1980Regionalization of GSO in Great Britain occursIntergroup is invited by GSO Great Britain to send 2 delegates to conference at Manchester
1980A letter is sent to New York GSO to clarify where Intergroup belongs
1980GSO Great Britain extends an invitation to Continental Intergroup to become a Region in GSO Great Britain
1980 to 1981Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland and Paris become Areas in Intergroup Continental Europe
1981Intergroup Continental Europe cooperates with GSO Great Britain in planning the First European Service Meeting and since then held every two years in the Fall. Intergroup Continental Europe is represented by two delegates from each Area
1981Intergroup Continental Europe now has twelve Areas
1981Bad Tölz and Munich are combined to become Area XIII
1985Jack G. of GSO Great Britain visits meeting in Nürnberg
1981Intergroup Continental Europe now has fifteen Areas
1985 August 3-4Jack G. from London attends the restructure of Intergroup Continental Europe as a Region in Service Structure of Great Britain
1988At the GS Conference in York, England, Intergroup Continental Europe is accepted as the fifteenth Region in the Service Structure of Great BritainThe three new Intergroups (Intergroup I, Intergroup II, and Intergroup III) become Region fifteen in the the Service Structure of Great Britain
1988 October 5thLois Burnam Wilson dies
1990District I joins Region as Intergroup IV
1991Intergroups form Areas for better communication and distances
1994Intergroups I-IV dissolve, and form new Intergroups:
1995General Service Conference approves new Region title now Continental European RegionNow Continental European Region
2001 AprilGeneral Service Conference question the feasibility of Continental European Region in Service Structure of Great BritainContinental European Region receives full approval as a Region in the Service Structure of GSO Great Britain

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