CER is one of sixteen AA Great Britain GSC regions. It’s the only region that encompasses approximately 50 countries –entrusting us with special responsibilities.

Our actions include: managing our own AA website (with an up-to-date European AA meetings’ list and email response team); publishing our ArenA newsletter; representing AA at European professional community conferences; coordinating public information programs… and more.

We welcome all English speaking AA Intergroups in Europe and AA Groups without an Intergroup to participate with us in service at the regional level.

Aims of the Continental European Region

  • Lead public information initiatives and cooperate with the professional community at the European level.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information / best practice experiences between AA Groups / Intergroups.
  • Provide alcoholics, both local and from abroad, with access to AA services and support, particularly in isolated and remote areas.
  • Represent and link the AA Groups/Intergroups with the annual General Service Conference. Create opportunities for AA members to contribute to and gain experience in AA service.
  • Encourage cooperation with each European host nation AA.


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