“Best Practices” for CER Online Business Meetings

“Best Practices” for CER Online Business Meetings

CER holds its online Regional Assemblies using “Zoom”. For those members that will join us online, here are some best practices concerning online CER business meetings.


  • Participants can join the Zoom meeting either on a PC/Laptop/IPad or smart phone by simply clicking the meeting link above and then downloading and installing either the web browser extension or the Zoom smart phone app.
  • Either click “Join Meeting” without signing in, or “Sign In” and then click join. Note: members do not need to register or create an account with Zoom and can join our meeting anonymously.
  • If required enter the meeting password, usually a six digit number that accompanies the meeting invitation.
  • If prompted enter your display name, and service position if you wish.
  • Connect audio and/or video and click Join.
  • More helpful information can be found on the Zoom website.

Computer equipment

  • It is suggested to use a laptop or a PC, rather than a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets are sometimes limited in their capabilities.
  • Both Windows and Apple operating systems are supported.

Internet connection

  • Use a fast broadband landline connection if possible.
  • Wi-Fi connections are more unstable and may drop out.


  • Use a headset with an integrated microphone.
  • Don’t use loudspeakers as they tend to cause feedback.
  • Don’t use a separate microphone: Audio quality and volume tends to be inconsistent.
  • Always mute your microphone when not speaking.
  • When unmuting your microphone, wait about a second before you start speaking.


  • During online business meetings video really does add to the communication.
  • When your internet connection is fast enough, enable video so that participants can see you face during the meeting.
  • If your internet connection is weak, disable video so as not to slow the connection down further.


  • When presenting a topic, make use of the possibility to upload files or make notes that all participants can see. You can also send documents/files to the Secretary in advance for uploading to the meeting space.
  • Experience shows that the possibility to interactively present files is a real advantage of online meetings. Make use of it!


  • Join the meeting early. This allows time to practice logging on and trying out the user interface.
  • The Secretary and/or RECLO will usually be present before the meeting to help with technical difficulties.
  • If you foresee any trouble, ask for help early. It is problematic for the Secretary and/or RECLO to provide assistance once the meeting has started.

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