CER Annual Report 2018

Download the PDF here -> CER Annual Report 2018


Highlights from 2018 include:

  • We welcomed a new HLO, PI Officer, YPLO, RASLO, RECLO, Secretary, Chair, Vice-Chair, and four Delegates to Conference!
  • Several CER officers travelled to York to participate in Regional Officer Meetings
  • Regional Assemblies held in Vienna Austria, Düsseldorf Germany and Bratislava Slovakia
  • Decided to return to two face-to-face and two online quarterly assemblies for 2020
  • Online streaming service for our face-to-face assemblies initiated, which now allows members to participate online
  • Donated an AA literature package to English-Speaking Lithuania AA
  • Preparations started for a Regional Forum with GSO participation in December 2019
  • Representation at the European Mental Health Conference in Split Croatia
  • Monthly Steering Committee meetings, with valued participation from CER officers
  • GDPR Policy Statement and Recommendations for CER published
  • CER’s website updated with our new Impressum, Privacy and Cookie Policies.
  • One of GSO’s new Public Information Videos embedded on our website
  • Members stories and service articles frequently published in ArenA



Total contributions received from Groups /Intergroups was 33,870€, a decline of 2,340€ from the previous year.

Our total expenditure was 30,914€, an increase of 4,937€ from last year. Our 2018 donation to GSO is on hold pending the outcome of our tax audit.

CER’s prudent reserve remained at 20,000€.



Our Regional Assemblies, which averaged around 40 members (up by 7 from 2017), had representatives from all over Continental Europe, including:

Active Intergroups – IG Bavaria, Tri-Borders IG, Nordic IG, Vienna IG, Rhine-Neckar IG, Rhineland-Pfalz IG, Zurich IG, Geneva IG, Netherlands IG, Costa del Sol IG, Berlin IG, European Online IG & South of France IG.

Active Groups – Budapest, Varna, Skopje, Lisbon, Florence, and Frankfurt.

CER always welcomes both new, and old,  Intergroups & Groups to join us in service!




Members of CER again attended the European Conference on Mental Health held in mid-September in Split, Croatia. Over three days, we had the opportunity to run an information stand in the foyer, distribute pamphlets and converse with around 350 professionals, academics and health service users. Our outgoing HLO, Toby T, held an enlightening “HLO Best Practices” workshop in Bratislava.

Public Information

In June we welcomed a new PI Officer, Jacob M., and thanked Rosalind S.G. for her service as she rotated out.



  • The Delegates again helped members prepare and submit Questions for Conference 2019.
  • The Online Feedback Form was used successfully, alongside frequent webinars
  • Ron D. (Committee 2) and Matt S. (Committee 4) served on the Conference Steering Committee for 2018.
  • Matt S. (Committee 4) was elected as Conference Chair for 2019.
  • The AA pamphlet “The General Service Conference – the Conscience of AA GB” proposed by the Delegates was approved by Conference.

The Delegate team is available to support Groups/Intergroups throughout the year.



Our Help Response and Website Updater Teams have been actively responding to requests for help and updates to our website. Help requests are mostly from members looking for meetings and suffering alcoholics seeking more information.

Our website is still our main communications hub where AA events, meeting information, and ArenA posts are frequently published and updated in line with our new event and meeting listing policy.

Around 650 users per day access our site, and over half come from outside CER; the US (38.6%), the UK (17.8%), Canada (3.6%), and Ireland (2.9%). Germany (5.2%) and Spain (4.2%) are the most active CER countries. Most users arrive through an organic search and view it on a mobile device (59%) and Desktop (33%). Our most visited pages are; Meetings (7.69%), Online Meetings (7.49%), 12 Questions (3.0%), and Events (2.7%).

Our meetings list has increased to around 741 meetings, and 29 online meetings, in over 402 locations. Remember to ensure that your groups’ meeting details are updated regularly.

CER has engaged a professional web consultancy to help with a staging site, GDPR / DSGVO compliance, and WP plug-in updates.



ArenA publishes informative posts regularly on a wide variety of AA topics such as Conference, Safeguarding, Secretary’s Announcements, and AA Around the World.

Personal stories from AA members help us to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic, so remember to submit your story to us and be of service by sharing your experience, strength and hope with fellow alcoholics, new and old, around the world.

Submit your articles to arena.cer@nullaamail.org

Don’t forget to subscribe to ArenA at https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/arena




Our Trustee, Erik A., is actively engaged with the General Service Board and encourages articles from CER for the AA Service News.


Our archivist maintains our archives and publishes the “Archives Newsletter”.

Young People

The YPLO position was recently filled in December by Irma P. – more to come!

Armed Services

The RASLO position was recently filled in December by Merrick M. – so stay tuned!

Participate in Service with Us!

CER has many service opportunities – just check our website for upcoming vacancies.



For more information on CER, please refer to the following documents, available on our website:

  • About CER Brochure
  • CER How it Works – A quick reference guide to service at Region

Dates and locations for the upcoming Regional Assemblies in 2019 are published on our website. Proposals from intergroups/groups to host future regional assemblies are always welcome.

  • 2019 March 2nd – 3rd Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2019 June 8th – 9th Varna, Bulgaria
  • 2019 September 8th Online
  • 2019 December 7th – 8th (Location TBC)

Get in touch with CER

Secretary: secretary.cer@nullaamail.org

Website: www.alcoholics–anonymous.eu



The Continental European Region (CER) of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Great Britain serves English speaking AA Members, Groups, and Intergroups in Continental Europe.

CER, as guided by the Three Legacies of AA (Recovery, Unity and Service) and with a primary purpose of carrying AA’s message to the still suffering alcoholic, aims to:

  1. Lead public information initiatives and cooperate with the professional community at the European level.
  2. Facilitate the exchange of information / best practice experiences between AA Groups / Intergroups.
  3. Provide alcoholics, both local and from abroad, with access to AA services and support, particularly in isolated and remote areas.
  4. Represent and link the AA Groups / Intergroups with the annual General Service Conference.
  5. Create opportunities for AA members to contribute to and gain experience in AA service.
  6. Encourage cooperation with each European host nation AA.