Chair’s Report, March 2020 CER Assembly in Budapest

‘The Spirit of Fellowship’

Dear Fellows,

It is great to be here with you all once again in Budapest for our Spring Assembly. This is the second time CER has held the Assembly in this beautiful city. I would like to thank all those from the local fellowship who have put much work into preparing this event and who have welcomed us so warmly here.

In my experience the Road to Recovery is not a simple straight line between A and B. In fact, I heard a speaker share at a recent convention that “You cannot not get from where I was then to where I am now on purpose!”

I see a similar dynamic in the ‘collective recovery’ of this service group. We have phases of great progress in harmony and unity which are inevitably interrupted by unexpected events that throw us off course. Then the mood sometimes changes. These ‘crises’ usually surround issues such as finances, differing ideas about how best to pursue our Primary Purpose, or situations where one or more of us get all lit up by a great idea which we insist must be put into practice. As always, it boils down to alcoholics struggling to live in peace and harmony, living life on life’s terms, free of resentments…

Having been part of this body for some time now, I have experienced that we can (and do) overcome any obstacles, when we ensure that our thoughts and actions are guided by the 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts. This has never failed us in the 80+ year history of our fellowship and, if we help each other to remain mindful, we can be assured that we will continue to grow, as a group, in sobriety and usefulness.

This Assembly welcomes many new faces this time round, an indication that the wellspring of service continues to bubble, helped by the principles of rotation and sponsorship. We will do all we can to help you find your feet and feel welcome.

The March Assembly offers us a forum to gather and collate the responses from Groups and Intergroups to this year’s Conference Questions. We will be spending a good deal of time on this topic. We will also hear the Intergroup Representatives to Region share their Experience, Strength and Hope in carrying the message to those who need it and provide a forum for sharing ideas and best practice.

The Steering Committee, which meets monthly on Skype, has also made substantial progress working though the Action Items from our previous Assembly and we will be presenting the progress to date. I am sure we will have some new Action Items at the end of this Assembly to work through between now and our next Assembly in June.

With that Assembly taking place online, we will execute the decision taken in 2019 to go from three to two F2F meetings in our annual cycle. Going forward, the F2F meetings will be in March and September, with the June and December Assemblies being conducted online.

I wish us all an inspiring, enjoyable and productive two days of unity, fellowship and sobriety on our shared journey.

Patrick L, CER Chair


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