CER Belongs to YOU!

Any member of English language A.A. in continental Europe can receive CER agendas, minutes and other reports by emailing CER Secretary Tim S. and asking to be put on the Secretary’s mailing list.

Any member can have access to the current CER Treasurer’s Report on Google.docs by writing to CER Treasurer Kate M. and asking for an access code.

Any member can serve as a ‘hand of A.A.’ on the CER confidential (not for public distribution) public information contact list by writing Public Information Officer Michael K.

Any member can attend CER business meetings as a non-voting observer. Also, any member of English-language A.A. in continental Europe can send agenda proposals directly to the CER Steering Committee a month or more in advance of the next scheduled CER meeting. J

Lastly, any member of English-language A.A. in continental Europe can submit directly to the GSO in York, England before August 31st of any year questions to be considered by the Conference Steering Committee for the General Service Conference held in York the following April.

All CER officer email addresses can be found at http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.eu/contact-officers.php