CER Chair’s Report, June 2021 (Online Assembly)


Dear Fellows,

I bid you a warm welcome to this summer Assembly of 2021. We are again online due to the public health crisis. I wish to thank you for your readiness to meet online once again and hope that there will soon be an opportunity for the Assembly to meet face-to-face.

As I rotate out of the position of Chair today, this is my final Assembly in that capacity. I wish to thank you for placing your trust in me over the years I have been active in service at CER and wish you further good fellowship and progress in making educated decisions in the service of carrying the message in Continental Europe.

`Practical experience shows that nothing will so much ensure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics. It works when other activities fail……´ Thus begins Chapter 7 of the Big Book, `Working with Others´.

This has been borne out by my experience. I have met gifted, fun, and accomplished people during my years of service at CER, people `who had what I wanted´.  In fact, at various times, more than one of these subsequently became my sponsor. In my work with them, I discovered that `the bird of service has two wings´; – the organisational business of ensuring that AA is available for the next people who need it, and the one-to-one work we do in carrying the message, e.g., twelve stepping potential members and taking protegees through the steps. My personal experience is that both forms of service are equally important and that each one benefits from the execution of the other.

Today we will hear from the Intergroups, the Officers of CER, our Trustee, the team of Delegates, and the CERES* Board. The difficulties recently experienced in connection with our German-based Legal Entity can be utilised in building an even more robust foundation of the new Swiss-based Legal Entity, in terms of both structure and processes. This opportunity should be grasped with both hands.

The Delegates will provide a debrief of the General Services Conference 2020/21 – the collective Group Conscience of our fellowship – which was held online in April this year.

The Steering Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) meets monthly on the final Thursday of each month. These meetings are the forum where the action items of the previous Assembly are handled and the agenda for the next Assembly drawn up. They may be attended by all members of our fellowship in Continental Europe.
Contact steering-committee.cer@aamail.org

The Traditions are a great guide for our interactions, when observed in their Spirit. In my opinion, the danger of interacting and making decisions at the expense of the Spirit of the Traditions needs to be avoided at all costs.

We will hopefully elect a new Chair, an Alternative Delegate and nominate candidates for the Trustee position today. I wish all those elected good guidance and support as they embark on their new tasks.

Yours in Fellowship,

Patrick – Chair

Aims of Region

The Continental European Region (CER) of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Great Britain serves English-speaking AA Members, Groups, and Intergroups in Continental Europe. CER, as guided by the Three Legacies of AA (Recovery, Unity and Service) and with a primary purpose of carrying AA’s message to the still suffering alcoholic, aims to:

1.Lead public information initiatives and cooperate with the professional community at the European level.
2.Facilitate the exchange of information / best practice experiences between AA Groups / Intergroups.
3.Provide alcoholics, both local and from abroad, with access to AA services and support, particularly in isolated and remote areas.
4.Represent and link the AA Groups / Intergroups with the annual General Service Conference.
5.Create opportunities for AA members to contribute to and gain experience in AA service.
6.Encourage cooperation with each European host nation AA.

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