CER Officer Service Position Vacancies


Continental European Region, which serves English-language Intergroups and Groups in Continental Europe, as part of the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain, has vacancies in three important service positions:

  • Alternate Treasurer

  • Regional Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (‘RECLO’)

  • Regional Armed Services Liaison Officer (‘RASLO’)

Perhaps one of them is the perfect service opportunity for you? Read on for more details below.

The Alternate Treasurer assists the Treasurer in paying CER’s bills from our bank account (website hosting fees, expenses related to CER meetings – facility rental, reimbursable travel expenses, etc.) maintaining account records, and preparing quarterly financial reports and the annual spending plan (working budget). The Treasurer sits on the board of CERES*, a ‘Verein’ (non-profit association) registered in Germany. CERES* allows CER to have and make use of a bank account for secure handling of Seventh Tradition money across the multiple national boundaries of Continental Europe and Great Britain (including passing on Seventh Tradition contributions above our prudent reserve to the General Service Office in York, England). Should a sitting Treasurer be unable for any reason to fulfil the necessary responsibilities, the Alternate Treasurer takes on those responsibilities. The person in this role therefore needs to be prepared to sit on the CERES* board.

As the rotation time has already passed, it would be great to elect an Alternate Treasurer during the September 10th Assembly.

The Regional Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (‘RECLO’) is the principal co-ordinator of CER’s electronic communications – the CER website, the Web Response Team, the software platform we use for online CER meetings, etc. The RECLO works with the Electronic Communications Committee to facilitate CER’s electronic footprints and service efforts.

In response to a growing need in some Intergroups in CER, the Region has recently voted to establish a Regional Armed Services Liaison Officer (‘RASLO’). Although the position has long existed within our service structure we’ve not previously had it in CER. The RASLO ‘communicates with’ and ‘collates information from the Intergroup Armed Services Liaison Officers within their Region’, and ‘encourages Intergroups where activity is slow or non-existent’ (The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain 2017, Chapter 2, Section 2:7).

We plan to elect a RECLO and a RASLO during the December 2nd / 3rd Assembly in Budapest.

The RECLO and RASLO positions are voting members in CER assemblies (four times a year, currently twice online and twice in face-to-face meetings around Europe) and their travel expenses are covered by the Region for face-to-face meetings. The Alternate Treasurer attends CER assemblies if the Treasurer cannot or at the invitation of the Chair. If attending in place of the Treasurer, the Alternate Treasurer votes in the assembly and travel expenses will be re-imbursed.

Further information on the RECLO and RASLO positions can be found in The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain 2017 and information on the responsibilities of a Regional Treasurer can be found in the The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2017.

CER has a nomination form for open positions on our website:


For each position, a minimum sobriety of at least three years is recommended.

Alcoholics Anonymous is more than a set of principles; it is a Fellowship of alcoholics in action. Service is at the centre of every AA concept and activity. It is as fundamental to AA as abstinence is to sobriety. Without this giving of oneself to another, there would be no Fellowship. This desire to serve improves recovery.

As newcomers, we see people giving time, energy and love in the service of the Fellowship, and it is suggested that we too should become involved. Those of us who have done this will tell you of the enormous benefits we have received by willingly stepping into service. A great paradox of AA is that rewards come when we begin to forget ourselves.’

– From the pamphlet ‘Growing into Service’ / Quoted in The AA Service Handbook

for Great Britain 2017, Chapter 1, ‘Growing in to Service’