Service Opportunity – CER Treasurer Position

I’m an alcoholic, my name is Levey.

I have had the privilege of serving as your CER Regional Treasurer since 2017. In the spirit of rotation, my term will be coming to an end soon.

It was suggested that I write a brief article based on my experience as the treasurer, and what my responsibilities include, to help in finding a successor.

First, let me start by telling you that I had originally applied for the alternate treasurer position. I had no experience whatsoever, and I wanted to shadow the new treasurer to see if this was something that I would be interested in at a later point in time. I thought that this would give me some time to gain experience and get a footing in region. Saying that I had “no experience” is actually an understatement. I have never, in 30 years, even done so much as balanced my own checking account. My plan was to be the alternate treasurer and take it from there. God, the Higher Power of my understanding, obviously had other plans. As it was, the person that was applying for the treasurer position withdrew their nomination at the last minute. I was then asked if I was willing to stand for the treasurer position. Who was I to mess with God’s plan?

I said yes and I was reassured that I would be trained, assisted and supported by the outgoing treasurer. As it turned out, they were unfortunately not able to train me due to health reasons. So basically, I was given an Excel file, access to the bank account, and I dug in and began to learn. My first milestone was when, after a month of doing the accounting, the balance in the Excel file and the bank balance matched. I was overjoyed. Since then, the two figures have matched every month. You cannot believe what an amazing feeling that is.

Then came the end of the fiscal year. I had never even heard that term before and did not really understand what it was. So, I learned by asking. Then I was asked to put together a budget for the following fiscal year. Again, I have heard the term budget, but I have never put one together, or used one. I learned by asking.

I had the privilege of attending the regional treasurer’s meeting in York. This was another great experience where I learned more and gathered more tools to help me.

Overall, I can tell you that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my sobriety. I have learned so much. The most important lesson I learned is to trust and believe in my Higher Power, and also to believe in myself. We alcoholics are capable of great things, if we set our mind to it. Would I do this again? At least for now, I would have to say no. The great thing about rotation is the amazing opportunities it gives to the new person coming in and the old person going out. The region and its members gain on all sides.

Duties of the Regional treasurer:

  • Prepare an annual budget proposal based on previous years’ experience on what the region has funded, and what the region would like to fund during the coming year. The annual budget is also prepared and presented so that groups and intergroups may have awareness of the contribution they are suggested to make to the region.
  • Monthly accounting for all donations an expenses.
  • Quarterly accounting that will be presented at the quarterly regional assembly.
  • Yearly, detailed accounting for group and intergroup contributions, and regional expenses.
  • Cooperate with an independent accountant during the required audits.
  • Attend steering committee meetings on an as needed basis.

Hopefully, this has not scared anyone away who might be interested in the position. As the outgoing treasurer, I am here to help, teach, guide, and share my experience with anyone that is willing to accept this position, as long as they need me.


Thank you so much for letting me be of service,

Levey P

Budapest, Hungary