Conference Questions 2018

Questions for Conference 2018:

We want to hear your views!


The 2018 AA General Service Conference is rapidly approaching and the CER Delegate team want your input.

“Conference” is the primary method that the AA fellowship in Great Britain and the Continental European Region takes its inventory. This is done by requesting answers to a set of questions that are published every year in the Conference Agenda and the Winter Edition of AA Service News. We would like to invite all groups and intergroups within CER to provide us with feedback so that we can take your views and opinions on to Conference.

Along with the Conference Questions and the associated background material, there are also some proposals for new AA literature. Some of these are the topics of individual questions for Conference. There are also some new proposals for posters for public information. You can check those out here.

All feedback is appreciated. Even if it’s just an answer to a single question! To make this as easy as possible, there are multiple ways that you can give your feedback to the questions:

  1. There will be an online webinar where members can participate and give their answers. This will be held via Skype for Business on the morning of Saturday the 17th of February. All members are welcome to attend. See here for details.
  2. There is an Online Feedback Form that can be used to post responses directly to the delegates on the AA CER website here.
  3. Via email. Just send an email to – each delegate will receive any mails sent to this address.
  4. You can deliver it via your Intergroup Region Representative (or in person) at the next CER Assembly on March 3-4, 2018 in Vienna

Conference will take place in York, GB from Friday the 13th of April until Sunday the 15th.

We would like to support you as much as possible in doing this. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if there is any other way we can be of service. For example, if your intergroup would like to have a delegate visit your next meeting, we can do our best to arrange that.

We look forward to receiving your views!


Yours in service,

Carina, Andre, Tim, Levey, Matt, Roger, Ronald, Ron & Joel
The 2018 CER Delegates and Alternate Delegates to Conference