Conference Questions 2018

CER Delegates Want to Know What You Know


Merchants across Europe are rolling out their Christmas stock: wreaths, candles, wrapping paper and holiday knick-knacks by the millions are going on display to remind us the annual holiday shopping season has begun.

Meanwhile, AA members in the Continental European Region (CER) are looking forward to another yearly seasonal event: The announcement of the final Conference Questions (CQ’s), which will be discussed and decided upon at the annual General Service Conference (GSC) in York GB in April 2018.

Members, groups, and Intergroups are vital for the GSC to formulate recommendations to these Conference Questions as it is the collective group conscience of all AA members and autonomous groups that constitutes the final answers.

Here at CER, six Delegates are tasked to collect and pass on the input of all AA members in CER.

Given the reality of approximately 16 Intergroups actively participating in CER, hundreds of meetings across member countries and thousands of English-speaking AA members in Europe, our Delegates have devised practical ways to channel information from the top (Groups) of our upside-down triangle organization to deliver it down to the bottom (GSC).

However, just like a pipeline constructed for water, no matter its capacity or engineering brilliance, is of little value without input. As the raw input to the CQ’s pipeline consists of the answer of AA members, Delegates have implemented a campaign to stimulate member interest in supplying these answers and compiled a few suggestions of how your group or Intergroup may contribute to the collective group conscience of AA GB and participate in this annual Conference process:

  • Schedule 15-20 minutes to discuss a few of the CQ’s at your group’s Jan or Feb business/group conscience meeting. Have your GSR or Region Rep pass on your group conscience to the Delegates by attending the CER Assembly in March or through using our Online CQ Form.
  • Ask your CER rep to make a CQ’s presentation at an upcoming IG meeting or lead a discussion on a few CQ’s after a regular AA meeting.
  • Invite a CER Delegate to liaise with your Intergroup (if it doesn’t participate at CER). BTW, Delegates may be able to visit your IG meeting in person. Ask us!
  • Attend (via Skype) an upcoming CER Delegate’s webinar on one or more CQ’s. The next webinar will be held on Saturday, February 17th 2018, 10:00 – 12:00 CET.
  • Invite a Delegate to talk about CQ’s at an AA workshop, conference or speaker event
  • Let your fellow group members know of the Dec. AASN announcement and encourage them to suggest ways to add to the collective group conscious.
  • Tell members they can give input to as few or many CQ’s as this wish – using the Online CQ Form from mid-December 2017 until mid-April 2018.

We’d love to hear your comments how we can improve our ability to spark discussion and collect as many member responses as possible to the Conference Questions. You can contact us at

Yours in service,

CER Delegates and Alternate Delegates

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