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Conference Questions 2020-21 Online Feedback Form

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— The form has been removed and a new one will be added for Conference 2022 as of December 2021—


Use this form to submit your group’s responses directly to the CER Delegates to Conference. If you experience any issues with this form, please send your feedback to the delegates via email at 

Important notes:

  • This feedback form is only intended for English-speaking Groups within the Continental European Region of AA GB. If your group is in the UK, or outside of Europe, then your responses ought to be submitted to your local Region Delegates, usually via your local Intergroup. More details on intergroups and regions in CER and the UK can be found in our Structure Handbook pages 98-99.
  • Conference 2020-21 runs from 16th – 18th April 2021. To give the Delegates time to review your answers please submit them before the end of March 2021.
  • All feedback is appreciated – even just one answer to a single question!
  • Consider the contribution to the carrying of the message, financial and practical implications when deliberating each question.
  • Please read the full questions with background information and supporting documentation at the links below:
  1. Committees 1 – 6
  2. Structure Handbook changes_delegates and alternates
  3. Revised Section 3.6 The AAGB Website
    3.a Proposed text Structure Handbook_Trustees_page 112 

New Literature Items are available for review at the links below:

  1. Literature Sub-Committee Proposals’ covering letter
  2. Carrying the Message to the Hard of Hearing pamphlet [Revised]
  3. Carrying the Message to the Hard of Hearing pamphlet [Original]
  4. Growing into Service [Revised]
  5. Growing into Service [Original]
  6. 15 Points Pamphlet [Revised]
  7. 15 Points pamphlet [Original]
  8. Poster – A4 female
  9. Poster 2 – A4 male
  10. Hints & Suggestions for 12th Steppers DRAFT and ORIGINAL


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