Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Notice

Important Notes:

Numerous meetings in Europe are temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus. We therefore suggest checking with the meeting contact person to see if the meeting is open before attending. Groups are also encouraged to let CER know of any changes to their meetings so we can update our meeting list.

Fortunately, during the suspension many groups are moving to an online meeting format. The latest information can be found in each meeting listings notes section.

CER also lists its regular online meetings here


12th March 2020

The General Service Office has been receiving enquiries from members regarding the effect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus and how it might impact meetings.

While appreciating the concerns of the membership, The General Service Office does not have access to any information that is not currently publicly available and would encourage members to consider the advice given by their relevant governments and health services across Europe.

Regarding Anonymity, Groups are encouraged to co-operate with medical authorities. Therefore, if a member of a group is requested to supply names of members to relevant authorities to check who has been in contact with whom for tracking COVID-19 spread, it is suggested that the Group hold a conscience about the dissemination of Group member identities. –

Here are some examples of the actions some groups are taking across the service structure, and these include:

  • Taking Local Health Authority advice to minimise spread e.g. hand washing, avoiding close contact, shaking hands, hugging, etc.
  • Suggesting that members who think they may be at risk of having contracted the virus stay away from meetings until they are sure they are clear.
  • We suggest that members who may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of the virus consider their safety before attending meetings.
  • Members who need to isolate themselves can be supported through telephone calls or electronically, e.g. WhatsApp groups.
  • Groups can contact premises’ owners to find out if they intend to close the building and under what circumstances.
  • Should groups close temporarily, they can inform the General Service Office as soon as possible to enable meeting details to be updated.
  • Groups can make use of online facilities – this has included regular face to face meetings converting to an online format as a result of moment restriction in their area.
  • Individuals can attend one of the many existing online meetings – a list of those meetings registered with GSO are available at 
  • All of the suggestions above are best discussed in advance so the group is prepared for any eventuality. As with most things, they are best facilitated by the group talking about them.




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