Delegate Webinar

Delegate Webinar – Conference 2018

Recommendations and Questions for Conference 2019


Calling all AA members, particularly GSRs, in the Continental European Region!

Please join us from10:00 am to 12:00 pm onSunday July 15th, 2018 (CET) for our webinar.

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This webinar is a possibility for you to speak to the delegates directly as they report back from Conference 2018. You can hear how they personally voted on certain issues and the discussions surrounding these. We will also discuss how each recommendation can be implemented at the various levels of our service structure. The recommendations have already been published in the Summer Edition of the AA Service News and have gone out by mail to all registered groups (also available online).

Has your group has recently held a group inventory and found that questions arise that cannot be answered by the present group members? Have you have sought guidance in the AA literature on a specific topic but have not been satisfied with the answers you found? Do you feel that AA could improve in certain areas? Have you come across issues that you would like to see addressed by other members in AA?

All these situations are great sources for potential questions for the annual General Service Conference of AA GB, which is the practical means by which the group conscience in Great Britain can express itself through the service structure in matters that concern AA as a whole. These “matters that concern AA as a whole” inspire members, groups, intergroups and regions to submit their questions to be discussed at Conference each year.

In previous years, numerous questions asked by members within the Continental European Region have been selected for Conference and discussed by the entire fellowship of AA GB. Developing questions is a part of the Conference process that is as important and exciting as discussing the final questions themselves. The CER Delegates are therefore hosting a “Questions for Conference Workshop”. Here, we will brainstorm and discuss ideas that could possibly result in questions that can then be submitted to Conference.

So bring your ideas, or simply your curiosity, and together with the delegates go through the steps of generating, developing, and finalising your questions. You can also use this same process in your group and intergroup. The deadline for submitting questions is the 31st of August 2018.

We are looking forward to your input and a lively discussion!

Yours in service,

CER Delegates to Conference (and Alternates)

Andre, Carina, Dena, Levey, Matt, Ronald, Tim


Links: Service News/175 Summer 2018.pdf