Questions for Conference 2020 – Delegates Webinar

All members welcome

Each year in April the six delegates from our region meet with the delegates from the other 15 regions that form AA Great Britain (AAGB) to discuss questions and topics that are relevant to the fellowship as a whole, meaning, issues that could affect and be of interest for all members throughout AAGB. This is how the fellowship takes its own inventory. Maybe you have participated in this inventory, also known as the General Service Conference (GSC), before by discussing these questions in your group, intergroup or region.

Where do these questions come from?

The topics or questions for Conference are generated in the same way as the recommendations to the questions: By input from AA members! Any AA member, group, intergroup, region, and even non-alcoholic trustees can submit a topic or question, which is then considered by the Conference Steering Committee for inclusion in the Conference Questions. The deadline for submission each year is August 31st. After that date, the Conference Steering Committee begins to meet and read through all the submissions received to pick the most suitable questions.

What makes a question/topic suitable for Conference?

When submitting a question there are several factors to keep in mind, such as whether the question is relevant for AA as a whole or may be better suited to be discussed in your group, intergroup or region. Also, questions that have already been discussed at Conference in the previous three years or that are already covered in our existing AA literature are generally not considered a suitable topic. A few more selection criteria exist, which are discussed in more detail for example in the leaflet The General Service Conference – The Conscience of AA GB:

Is there any other help available than just the literature?

Like everything else in AA, what usually works best is when we get together and share our experience and what we found works for us. This is true even for such an activity as submitting a possible question for Conference. To this end the delegates are organising a Webinar on the 6th of July from 10am to noon (CEST). All members are welcome and can easily join the webinar following this link:

During this webinar the delegates will be reporting back from Conference 2019 and will provide more information on how to submit a question or topic for Conference and things to keep in mind when doing so. We may also look at a few examples from previous years to see what kind of questions where rejected and why. This will hopefully equip members who are interested in submitting a question themselves with all the necessary tools and information to do so.

The delegates are also always available via e-mail at to answer any specific questions and provide further support. We look forward to seeing you on the 6thof July at 10am and to providing you with more information about how to submit a question or topic for Conference.


Yours in service,

The CER Delegates to Conference

Andre, Carina, Tom, Dan, Dena, Levey, Casey, and Jonathan