ArenA is BACK!!

The ArenA Newsletter is back!!

Greetings from Sweden!  My name is Ron D. and I have recently been given the privilege of serving as the CER Arena Newsletter Editor.  The newsletter has been dormant for a couple of years and I am honored to be of service to the fellowship of the Continental European Region!

A little bit about me:  I got sober in Chicago in 2007 where I was immediately sponsored into service at my home group.  I am so grateful for what I learned in early sobriety regarding service as, I feel, it has allowed me to get out of my head and help another alcoholic.  I have served in most positions at the group and Intergroup level and also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Chicago Roundup.  I moved to Malmö, Sweden in 2011 and soon after helped start an English speaking AA meeting (Malmö Happy Hour) on Mondays which belongs to the Nordic Intergroup of CER.  I am grateful to the program, the fellowship, and the opportunity to be of service.

In this issue, take a look at the article regarding registering or updating your meeting, group, and/or Intergroup information with GSO York.  The accuracy of this information is critical for the alcoholic in need of a meeting while travelling or simply “needing a meeting”.

We also have some articles from our Young Peoples Liaison and how young people are active at all levels of our service structure.

I am in need of personal stories, articles of interest as related to the 12-Steps, 12-Tradition, and 12-Concepts, as well as group/Intergroup/CER history articles, AA humour, announcements of upcoming (or past) events, new meeting updates, meeting closures, or anything else you deem of interest to the fellowship of CER and its members.

I hope to expand the content of the ArenA newsletter as time goes on.  In the meantime, be good to yourself and keep coming back!

In service and fellowship,

Ron D.