Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 20:00 CET/CEST (Berlin, Paris, Rome time)

Type: Daily Reflections Meeting (Monday-Thursday), 12 Steps & 12 Traditions (Friday).

Notes: To join please send a contact request to ‘First164yp’ or ‘First164yp2’ on Skype well in advance of your first meeting, mentioning that you want to join our meetings. Please be on Skype 10 minutes before meeting time and send a Skype message saying “join” to either ‘First164yp’ or ‘First164yp2’.Please do not call. The tech host will call you shortly after you send a ‘join’ message. Use of a headset with a microphone is recommended to cut down on background noise. Please mute your microphone when not speaking. To strengthen your connection, turn off all other internet applications on whatever computer device you are using when you participate in a meeting.

Contact: Michael

Contact: Ruthie