From Ireland to Lourdes

I came into AA in June 2015, and as I worked through my steps and started the spiritual journey, my Catholic faith and AA program began to converge on similar beliefs and practice. They complemented each other and I believe to be a better Catholic and have a stronger sobriety because of it. This has been my experience.

At an AA meeting in Ireland in May 2016, a lady shared about visiting Lourdes. I spoke to her after the meeting and we came up with the idea of inviting other AA fellows on this pilgrimage. Seeing as there were neither French nor English speaking meetings available for such a vast gathering in Lourdes for the Feast Day of our Lady on the 15th of August, we believed there would be more people who would be interested in our great fellowship.

5 AA fellows travelled from Ireland on the trip and I also invited a non-Catholic from London. We posted on the CER website that we would be holding AA meetings in Lourdes during this week in August. I received a text from both English and German pilgrims and we held the inaugural Lourdes AA Fellowship meeting on August 15, 2016.

This year we will be in Lourdes from the 13th to the 18th of August 2017. Nine AA pilgrims are already booked for the journey. We would be very grateful if others fellows who are in the south of France (or even Lourdes!) at that time, would contact us to expand this annual gathering in a great place of faith and spiritual experiences where we are close to God.

Our hope is that we can create something to be passed along through the fellowship which can be picked up by any AA travelling to Lourdes.

All ideas and contact welcome!

In faith, love and spirit,