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CER Assembly meeting and open service positions

Dear fellow AA-members,

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming Assembly meeting of the Continental European Region (CER). At this meeting, many intergroups and regional officers gather to share experience, strength and hope on the service activities that have happened in all of Europe. We also get information on planned activities, such as conventions, health liaison activities, PI workshops and internet campaigns. Our delegates to the General Service Conference inform us of the current conference questions to which all members have been invited to respond. A process that is truly the combined Group Conscience of all of English-speaking AA in Europe! 

All persons that contribute to the meeting are trusted servants of intergroups or of region. And you can be one of them too! There are many opportunities to do service, in your group, your intergroup or at region, it is just up to you to volunteer and get nominated. It will invigorate your sobriety and boost your recovery. I urge you to have a look at our webpage with ‘open service positions’ to see if there are positions that appeal to you.

These Assembly meetings are organized 4 times a year, of which 2 are face-to-face. In march we will visit the Munich fellowship. All AA members are welcome to attend as observers. A perfect opportunity to get some insight in how AA service works for real! For those who cannot come to Munich, there will be the possibility to connect via zoom and listen in. All information is available on our website and in Arena.

Please have a look at the invitation, clear your schedule for March 2 and 3, and join us.

In service

Ronald, Chair of CER

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