Good Golly!! It’s 2017 . . .

Hi there! A lot is going on here at ArenA these days, have you noticed? Lots to report here in the Continental European Region (CER)In fact, this post is about a week early because our delegates were so excited to get this news out to you.  #awesomedelegates 

What’s happened? Well, I personally think the most exciting thing is the release of the conference questions. It’s pretty cool because it gives us as individuals, groups, intergroups or as regions a chance to have a direct impact on the goings-on of AA as a whole.

Online Response Form is up and running!

Our amazing RECLO* and his team of helpful elves have even made an online feedback form to make it easier to submit responses. Of course, you can also send them via email. One question or all thirteen – the choice is yours!
A few days ago, our secretary Matt posted highlights from the last CER Assembly held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Here you can find updates on some of the major issues concerning our last gathering, including the revised “Welcome to Region” document, a WebEx update, and the new CER brochure.

And what was that about sharing???

Yeah, there was that thing called sharing. It helps us. It helps them. It’s just good, right?

Shortly after my last newsletter, I got a story from Julian. Grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to read this. It’s well worth it. Thank you Julian. It was a pleasure and honor to post your story.

Now that the madness of the holidays is over, I look forward to hearing from a few more of you. Don’t feel like taking the time to write it all down? Heck, then just give me a call and tell me about it! 😉

Sharpening my pencils with eager willingness,


* Our “RECLO,” as we like to call him, is simply a confusing name for the “Regional Electronic Communication Laision Officer”. He’s really very nice and not intimidating as his name would suggest.