Group Spotlight: Friday YP in Frankfurt, Germany

The Friday YP Group in Frankfurt, Germany was founded in October 2007. It is a one hour, weekly, closed meeting; the last Friday each month is an open meeting. With a regular weekly attendance of 20-35 people, the group is a bilingual meeting with sharing in either English or German with simultaneous translation.

Originally, the format was a once-a-month main speaker meeting and the other weeks were big book reading and sharing. But over the years it has developed into two or three speaker meetings a month, and the rest big book reading.

Each year on the group’s anniversary, they host workshops on such themes as the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and the differences in the service structures of Great Britain and Germany. And in the summer they have group outings in the fellowship.

Many people do service in the group including, in addition to regular meeting service positions, a public information officer, email responder, speaker finder, greeters, and translator.

The group also participates in hospital meetings and other public information projects put on by their intergroup. They are hosting talks in schools, a big book reading & shares in the Frankfurt library (where they also donated a large quantity of big books) and invite concerned mothers and medical professionals to their open meetings. They also have a PI presentation for professionals.

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