The General Service Conference means both:

  • The service structure of AA groups, Intergroups, Regions, GSC and GSB
  • The annual meeting of Conference delegates

The General Service Conference is the practical means by which the Group conscience in Britain can express itself in matters that concern the Fellowship as a whole. The existence of Conference is moreover a guarantee that the Fellowship will be able to function under all conditions. It is, in effect, the successor to the founders of AA, ensuring the continuity of the work within the framework of the Twelve Traditions.

For more information on the Conference process refer to the following documents:

Each year, topics/questions are submitted to the Conference Steering Committee for inclusion in the Conference agenda. Submissions can be made by individual members, Groups, Intergroups, Regions or Board Trustees.

The accepted topics/questions will be published in AA Service News and on the AA GB website. This starts the process of individuals, Groups, Intergroups and Regions discussing the topics/questions, the outcome of which is taken to Conference by the Conference delegates.

Upcoming key dates:

  • 12th – 14th April 2019 – Conference 2019, in York, Great Britain
  • Early June 2019 – Conference Recommendations 2019 published
  • August 31 2019 – Deadline for Questions for Conference 2020