Update Your Group Meeting Information

Hello Everyone,

We are writing you today to kindly request that you ensure all group meeting information is correct on our GSO website.

In the last issue of AASN, our Chair Nigel asked groups to update their meeting information (please see attachment, page 6).  Concerns have arisen with regard to newcomers and returning members of AA arriving at meeting venues only to find closed doors.  This appears to be a result of group/meetings not having provided our GSO with accurate and current information during the past three months.

Due to extraordinary global circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of face to face meetings in our recovery community had been shut down. Though some meetings re-opened, and some combined face-to-face with an online format (hybrid), recent government regulations require the suspension of most face to face meetings.

We realize our lines of communication are challenged by these obstacles. Nonetheless, a decision was taken to mark all meetings that have not updated their meeting information on our GSO website within the past three months with a watermark of “Status of Meeting Unknown.”

We now urge groups in as timely a manner possible to please prioritize updating their meeting information.  We request groups choose from the following three statuses:

  • “Open Again”
  • “Closed Temporarily”
  • “Online”

We we are working to create a new watermark to ensure that this information is clear for the visitor.

In order for us to best carry the message to the sick and suffering alcoholic, check your meeting’s status and swiftly update the much needed information by sending a quick message to the following address: groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk (no pink form needed).

For further questions you are welcome to contact me directly and I will be happy to be of further assistance at secretary.cer@aamail.org

Many thanks in advance for your efforts to sort out these matters.

In fellowship and service,


Secretary, Continental European Region

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