Helping Newcomers Find Their First AA Meeting

In these rapidly changing times, AA members doing service from their homes are currently providing details of AA meetings to over 1,500 newcomers each month

Members of the Online Response Team (replying to help emails) or Chat Now Responders (replying via instant chat on the main AA website) are totally reliant on the AA Meeting Finder for this purpose.

If your group is not listed in the AA Meeting Finder, the details cannot be provided to the newcomer.

Many more newcomers will use the meeting finder directly without asking for help first. The meeting finder is being used over 10,000 times per month and Telephone responders may also rely on it, especially when taking calls from newcomers from outside their local area.

This is therefore a reminder to all AA groups to please provide (up to date) meeting details to the General Service Office who will update the meeting finder

Either use the online form here.

Or, if your meeting has moved online or is open again having been closed during lockdown, and to make any other changes to your listing, don’t complete a Pink Form, just email

Please also let us know if a meeting is no longer available, even if it was an online only meeting. Newcomers particularly can be frustrated if, after overcoming any initial hesitation to attend an AA meeting, they find it is closed when they get there.

Information and suggestions for groups considering starting up again is available here.

Yours in Fellowship,
Nigel P
Chair, General Service Board

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