Highlights of Regional Assembly

Vilnius, Lithuania
March 2 & 3, 2019

Lithuanian AA contacted CER over a year ago to invite us to participate in their 30th anniversary celebration. Our trustee, Erik A, attended this event and brought back a glowing report of the fellowship there. Thus, CER was prepared to respond to an invitation to bring our quarterly assembly to Vilnius on the weekend of their annual conference.

The assembly was well attended, with 32 members in the room and 4 participating online. Once again, our bluetooth speaker microphones gave members in their homes an easy and cost-free opportunity to participate.

As usual in March, our main order of business was to inform the Conference Delegates of the responses of groups and intergroups to the conference questions. This part of the agenda was superbly handled by the delegate team. They will attend Conference well informed as to the experience and conscience of our membership.

Our Annual Report for 2018 was unveiled. Regional representatives and officers took sheaves of these away for distribution to their home groups. This document is also available on the website here.

Although there were no service vacancies to fill, we discussed the wisdom of holding elections three to six months before rotation is scheduled in order to give new officers the opportunity to shadow their predecessors. We will decide on this issue in June.

After we completed our deliberations on Sunday, those of us who could stay an extra day were brought by local volunteers to the venue of the Lithuanian conference, where we participated with about thirty members of the local fellowship in a workshop focusing on service and sponsorship. Translation was provided by local AAs, including Irma P, CER’s Young Peoples’ Liaison Officer. The feedback we gave and received was positive. Together, we laid the foundation of further cooperation between CER and the local fellowship.

Our thanks to the organizers and attendees.

Stephen T, Secretary