Service Insider: HLO

The job of Health Liaison Officer, or HLO, is to establish contact and maintain communication with healthcare professionals on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Reporting back to the Continental European Region (CER), the HLO should seek to promote AA externally as a means of carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

The HLO should try to promote AA as a resource to healthcare professionals – one that is widely available and free to all. Initially, the role might include providing information as to what AA is and what they do, always remembering that as a fellowship we are committed to remaining non-professional. In all its activities, the HLO should adhere to AA’s Twelve Traditions.

The HLO should monitor national policies on alcohol and identify opportunities for AA to cooperate with services within the health sector.

Finally, the HLO should stimulate interest and encourage health liaison service throughout the fellowship.

Short but sweet – the role of the HLO within CER.

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