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“To reach more alcoholics, understanding of AA and public goodwill towards AA must go on growing everywhere. We need to be on still better terms with medicine, religion, employers, government, courts, prisons, mental hospitals and all enterprises in the alcoholic field. We need the ever-increasing goodwill of editors, writers, television and radio channels. These publicity outlets need to be opened ever wider.” Bill W (Our co-founder) 1951

Welcome to our Public Information (PI) service.

The aim of PI is to improve communications with professionals and the public sector and show how we can cooperate with your organisations in providing a free service to help with the growing problem of alcoholism.

For seventy five years AA has helped thousands of seemingly hopeless cases to recover from alcoholism through total abstinence: these men and women became sober, responsible members of society through attending AA meetings, practising our 12-step programme of recovery and helping others to recover from alcoholism.

Professionals who regularly make use of AA often do so by getting to know local PI officers personally and then possibly by attending open meetings.

In addition PI teams will make formal presentations at seminars and conferences and give in-house training sessions or staff talks on a regular basis.

Local teams are available to attend exhibitions and displays and we can organise public meetings or attendance at AA open meetings where you can experience the form and dynamics of AA.

In all public relations, AA’s sole objective is to help the still suffering alcoholic. Always mindful of the importance of personal anonymity, we believe this can be done by freely making available to you, experience of what we are, what we can do and what we cannot do.

The following service functions have been created to assist professionals and the community.

  • Healthcare: working with hospital and treatment centre staff including individual contact with patients.
    Employment: dialogue with management and human resource teams in the understanding of alcoholism and contact with employees who have a drink problem.
  • Armed Services: members who are experienced in the armed services provide talks about the programme of recovery and the availability of worldwide meetings.
  • Prisons: prison visits and the holding of AA meetings for inmates.
  • Probation/Social Services: providing a facility to introduce people on probation to AA meetings.

Members perform these services without payment and it costs you and the taxpayer nothing.

If you wish to express an interest in what we have to offer or you would like more information, please contact our PI Officer here.



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