New Officer Introduction: Health Liaison

My name is Bruce and I am an alcoholic, it is my privilege to serve as Health Liaison Officer for CER. This venture into health is a new one for me, as my previous service work centered mainly on prisons. That was not only in the UK, but also in Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria. I intend to draw on my experience in my role as health liaison officer.

Although a native Scot, I now live in Varna, Bulgaria. My home group is the Language of the Heart Group at St. Michaels Catholic Church, Boulevard Kynaz Boris I, Varna, Bulgaria. We meet every Friday at 1.00 pm – any visitors will be made most welcome! 🙂

Simply put, my role is to be the conduit between CER and the intergroups found within its borders. This is a huge geographical area with many countries and many languages and also many different health authorities – all with a different approach.

Honestly? I need to make sense of all this and I need to understand, as far as possible, what is going on in these areas.

( . . . Drum role please . . . )

This, my friends, is where you come in! I would like it very much if you could contact me at with any information of events carried out under the health banner in your group or intergroup. In many ways, I would like to do a 10th step inventory on health: looking for the ‘good, positive’ stuff as well as the ‘not so good’ stuff. This will allow me to see where work needs done to improve the situation, but also to learn from the experience gathered to come up with a tool that can be used by groups and intergroups in carrying out our message.

For this, I thank you deeply. Yours in service,

Bruce B.
HLO, Continental European Region