ISMYPAA 2021: Collaborating Across Young People’s Communities in AA

14 August 2021 on Zoom

I.S.M.Y.P.A.A. is the acronym for International Service Meeting of Young People in AA. On the 14thof August 2021, we will hold the 7th Annual Service Meeting, modeled after the AA World Service Meeting. Like the previous six editions, the meeting will take place online, for the second consecutive year on the Zoom platform. ISMYPAA was started by the I.C.Y.P.A.A. (International Conference of Young People in AA) Advisory Council in the hopes that YPAAs outside the US would meet virtually and learn from each other. 

So far, the ICYPAA conference has never been held outside North America, except forone meeting in Hawaii. With the growing number of YPAA events outside the United States, the Advisory Council’s intention was to provide a way for these committees to share experience, strength and hope with each other and to encourage relationships among International YPAAs. The same might be said about the AA World Convention.  If we look at the numbers, we have to admit that outside North America, YPAAs are not so common in much of the world.

The 6th ISMPYAA Annual Meeting in 2020 was the first one held on Zoom. Attendance was very good. People had already gotten used to online meetingsbecause of the pandemicand were eager to join. It was also my first encounter with ISMYPAA. It was an extraordinary experience, and I decided to join the planning committee this year. In March 2021, we held a mid-year fundraising workshop in order to buy Zoom’s translation features to make participation available to non English-speaking attendees. The March 2021 Workshop took place with simultaneous interpretation in English, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. If you are interested in having the event interpreted in your language, please reach out to We will need your help to find volunteer interpretersfor the event (two people would be best).We are limited in funds this year.  We hope to use our 7th Tradition contributions to pay for professional interpreters in the future.

This year’s topic will be “Collaborating across Young People’s communities in AA”.  There are YPAA communities and AA members outside the US that could benefit from this annual event. Within the US, YPAA fellowships are found in most large cities and in some areas there may be weekly YPAA events.  At the same time, in some countries, YPAA meetings are still not accepted into the general population of AA meetings and are not considered AA. The purpose of ISMYPAA is to share our experience, strength and hope with each other and to face the challenges together of reaching out to young people in AA worldwide.

The structure of the meeting will be as follows: 3 main speakers for 1 hour, a roll call of YPAA representatives from around the world, and open sharing by attendees. Previous editions’audio recordings are available at

The committee held elections in June, but we still have  open positions: We need you guys! There is still a lot to do for the message to be available for the next alcoholic. Join us on the road of happy destiny! If you cannot join our planning committee, please attend, and do us the great service of spreading the word (and the flyer) to all your friends! The Event’s start time is on Saturday, August 14 at 5:00pm Eastern Time / 23:00 Central Europe Time / Sunday, August 15 at 6:00 Japan Time

Andrea F. -ISMYPAA Planning Committee Chairperson