ISMYPAA on Zoom 16 April 2022

I.S.M.Y.P.A.A. is the acronym for International Service Meeting of Young People in AA. 2022 will hold the 8th world convention. Last year’s ISMYPAA offered for the first time simultaneous translations in 5 languages (English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). We were able to do this thanks to the service provided by friends’ with their time and skills.

This service and dedication to others and to the fellowship opened ISMYPAA to Latin America and Italy. Our desire is to continue passing the message to other regions of the world in the spirit of those who 8 years ago started this committee, sharing their experience, strength and hope across YPAAs around the globe.

ISMYPAA was started by I.C.Y.P.A.A. (International Conference of Young People in AA) to help YPAAs outside the United States meet and learn from each other. ISMYPAA’s purpose is to share experience in reaching out to young people in AA worldwide. One example, we contribute to spreading acknowledgement of YPAA’s meetings which, in some countries, are still not accepted by some AA members.

SERVICE is the theme of the 8th ISMYPAA convention: ”Service: ending of isolation, connecting and gaining purpose”

I have the great opportunity to be part of the ISMYPAA committee for the second year. Last year I enjoyed a fantastic experience as secretary, which I am passing on to other friends in the spirit of our 9th concept of service. The committee held elections in October 2021 and I accepted with great honour to assume the role of chairperson.

The convention will be structured as follows: 3 keynote speakers for 1 hour, a roll call of YPAA representatives from around the world and open sharing by attendees. Audio recordings of previous editions are available at

This year’s annual meeting too will take place with simultaneous translations to facilitate the transmission of the message to non-English speaking participants. If you are interested in having the convention translated into your language, please contact We will need your help to find volunteer interpreters for the event (two people at least). We still have limited funds available and we look forward to organising in the future with professional interpreters thanks to the contributions of the seventh tradition.

Contributions are always welcome:

We need you guys: We still have open positions! There is still a lot to do for the message to be available for the next alcoholic. Join us on the road of happy destiny! If you cannot join our planning committee, please attend the zoom convention, and do us a great service in spreading the word (and flyer to all your friends! The Event is Saturday, April 16 starting at 5:00 pm Eastern Time / 11.00 pm Central European Time (check the flyer for your starting Time).

Mike B. – ISMYPAA Host Committee Chair

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