Ad-Hoc Steering Committee Meeting, March 15th

Minutes of Ad-Hoc Steering Committee meeting, March 15th, online.


On Sunday, March 15, the CER Steering Committee, including many CER officers have had an extra-ordinary meeting to discuss the effects the COVID-19 resolutions (corona virus) on the CER AA fellowship. There has been a letter form GSO, with various suggestions for the individual AA groups and many groups have taken their own, autonomous, decision to start online meetings.

We discussed:

  1. What are the guidelines from GSO?
  2. What are the possibilities to support groups with requests to go online? The RECLO is swamped.
  1. Point included in GSO guidance to underscore that there may be legal requirements to get names and addresses for those attending Face-to-Face meetings
  2. What to do with the CER Delegates that are supposed to attend GSC in April?

1.   What are the guidelines from GSO?

The Memo from GSO will be included in an Arena post. The website is updated with the latest information. The notice can be found at

  • There is guidance on abiding to the local legal requirements that are in place in the separate countries.
  • The GSO Guidance could be sent out via ArenA in a special edition.
  • There has been a deluge of visitors to the web-site and many look at
  • Many groups ask to how to set up an online meeting
  • There is a document to help people getting started.
  • Many groups have made their own initiatives.

2.   What are the possibilities to support groups with requests to go online? The CER RECLO is swamped with different requests.

There has been a deluge of visitors to the web-site and many look at the online meetings page. Many groups are seeking new ways of keeping their meetings available.

  • There is help around in Berlin, e.g. for setting up a Business account with Zoom, contact via CER RECLO who will forward the requests. There are also people in Italy as well.
  • Many groups ask to how to set up an online meeting. Therefore, there is now a document to help people getting started with setting up an online-meeting.
  • Many groups have made their own initiatives. This is formidable!
  • We will mention the current listings of online meetings, both in CER and around the world on the
  • We recommended groups to use normal skype and zoom.
  • Each group is suggested to be autonomous and self-supporting in these matters.

3.   We support the recommendations from GSO and send out the letter from GSO.

The letter form GSO with the suggestions for individual groups to deal with the regulations and try to keep the fellowship acting as normal as possible will be sent out. We would like to highlight some of the points in the letter and suggestions made when we discussed this.

  • There is concern about the way to respond to requirements to keep lists of names of the people attending the meetings.
  • Tradition 12 should guide us in this matter. Regarding Anonymity, Groups are encouraged to co-operate with medical authorities. Therefore if a member of a group is requested to supply names of members to relevant authorities to check who has been in contact with whom for tracking COVID 19 spread, it is suggested that the Group hold a conscience about the dissemination of Group member identities.
  • The Guidance from the GSO lists various suggestions on how to act when legal requirements are demanded from the authorities. It is suggested to read these and if you have questions, you can always reach out to your Intergroup or CER (
  • Every group is strongly suggested to have a Group Conscience discussion on whether and how to deal with the requirement disclose the names and identities of the attendants to these meetings to the authorities, including the possible conclusion to postpone the physical meetings and move to online meetings.
  • It was suggested that one member could wait at the ordinary meeting venue and catch any newcomers, since they obviously don’t know about the change.

4.   What to do with the CER Delegates that are supposed to attend GSC in April?

The General Service Conference in York is planned to take place in April. In certain EU countries there will not be flights to the UK as a result of the way governments are tackling the virus outbreak. If conference continues as planned and the Delegates from CER are unable to attend, as a result of these travel restrictions, what shall we do?

  • Suggestion is to postpone a Conference which will be dependent on the way the situation evolves in the UK. The point may be risen with the CER Trustee.
  • Another suggestion is to make Conference available on line for the CER delegates. Chair will outline these 2 suggestions to the Trustee and get a response from the Board/GSO. The Delegates will also send a request to the CER Trustee to discuss the possibilities for GSC.

As a last and important remark please remember the following:

We need to focus on the necessity to be there for the Alcoholic who is still suffering.

  • Even in times of uncertainty and fear we need to continue to reach outand both get in touch with other alcoholics and be available for newcomers, even if we are meeting online.
  • We will keep ourspiritual fellowship even if we are physically isolated. Encourage using the telephone to keep in touch the old-fashioned way. Stay close to the Fellowship, understanding quite fully that alcoholism is a disease of isolation.
  • We shall use our available resources, like the online versions of the Big Book, speaker tapes on XA-Speakers and the Online Study material from Joe & Charlie. Here are some useful links:

Alcoholics Anonymous Audio/Video Web Meetings Worldwide Hourly Schedule

Read the Big Book and the 12×12 Online