12 & 12 Meeting

  • Monday, to 9:00 pm
  • Heilsarmee Quartiertreff

    Eidmattstrasse 16
    8032 Zürich
  • Heilsarmee Quartiertreff #2291
  • Zurich
  • English
    Step Meeting
    Tradition Study
  • This meeting is open and anyone may attend.
  • The Format for this meeting is to read a chapter from the 12 & 12, and then open the meeting for discussion. The last Monday of the month, we read a Tradition. First Monday of the month, we have a speaker share their experience, strength, and hope in working the steps. 12x12
  • Corner of Minervastrasse and Eidmattstrasse. Directions for public transport: From Main Station (HB): Tram 11(Rehalp) to Kreuzplatz or Signaustrasse or Bus 31(Hegibachplatz) to Kreuzplatz or Signaustrasse From Stadelhofen Station: Tram 11 (Rehalp) to Kreuzplatz or Signaustrasse. From Signaustr walk back a bit and take the second street on your the right. Tram 15 (Klusplatz) or S18 to Kreuzplatz. From Kreuzplatz continue in the same direction as tram, walk past the Cafè Bohemia, then take the second street on your left.
  • Contact 1
    Name: AA Zurich
    Email: aazurichintergroup.web@gmail.com
    Phone: +41 (0) 76 401 93 91
  • Updated January 4, 2020