Monday Vienna Newcomers Online Meeting Wipplingerstraße 6Wipplingerstraße 6ViennaBig Book, Location Temporarily Closed, Newcomer, Online Meeting, Open, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
Tuesday Mid Day Meeting NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaClosed
Tuesday Joyous and Free - Living in the Solution NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaClosed
Wednesday Back to Basics Evangelischer PfarrgemeindeverbandHamburgerstraße 3ViennaAs Bill Sees It, Daily Reflections, Open, Wheelchair Access
Thursday Daily Reflections NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaClosed, Discussion
Friday Mid Day Meeting Online Meeting Austro-American InstituteOperngasse 4ViennaOnline Meeting, Open, Tradition Study
Saturday Womens Meeting Women NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaClosed, Women
Saturday Women on Zoom Women, Online Meeting We’re on zoom!ViennaViennaClosed, Online Meeting, Women
Saturday Big Book Study Online Meeting NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaBig Book, Closed, Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting
Sunday A Vision for You: Big Book Step Study NestroyplatzNepomukgasse 1ViennaBig Book, Closed