TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressRegionDistrictTypes
Noon Tuesday Noon Group
Kulturhaus Helferei
Kirchgasse 13 Zurich Big Book, English, Literature, Open
Noon Surprise Reading Meeting/Newcomers Very Welcome
Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 87 Charlottenburg Closed, English, Literature, Location Temporarily Closed, Newcomer, Online Meeting, Tradition Study
1:00 pm Literature Meeting
Brussels Lunchtime Gratitude
Rue de Bon Secours 5 Brussels Closed, Literature
1:00 pm Discussion
Jean Volderslaan 29
Jean Volderslaan 29 Brussels Literature, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm Catania - Friends of Bill
Santa Maria Della Guardia Church
Piazza Santa Maria della Guardia Sicily Closed, Literature
6:00 pm Tuesday Phoenix Group
A.A. Kontaktstelle (4th Floor)
In-person and Online
Stiftstraße 2 Frankfurt Closed, Discussion, Literature, Online Meeting
6:00 pm Aix- Big Book
60 Cr Mirabeau Aix-en-Provence Big Book, English, Literature
6:30 pm Women's Meeting Women
Av. Jean Volders 29
Av. Jean Volders 29 Brussels Child-Friendly, Closed, Discussion, Literature, Newcomer, Speaker, Wheelchair Access, Women
7:00 pm Rainbow Group Tampere
Behind Metso city library
In-person and Online
Kyttälänkatu 1 Tampere Big Book, Birthday, Closed, Cross Talk Permitted, Discussion, Fragrance Free, Grapevine, Literature, Newcomer, Online Meeting, Speaker, Step Meeting, Tradition Study
7:00 pm Mons International Group
International Bible Church
Chemin du Prince 284 Mons Closed, Discussion, Literature, Newcomer, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Promises Obećanja
Old Town Split, Croatia
Šetalište Bačvice 10 Split Closed, Discussion, English, Literature
7:00 pm ONLINE Meeting - Zoom MiP ( Miracles In Progress ) Group Würzburg Literature Meeting
Group Würzburg
Würzburg Würzburg Literature, Online Meeting
7:00 pm Living Sober
Pallasstraße 5 Berlin Discussion, Literature, Living Sober, Open
7:15 pm Swenglish Group Book Club
Mäster Olofsgården
Svartmangatan 6 Stockholm Big Book, Literature, Open
7:30 pm Lecrin Valley International AA Meeting
Adult Education Centre
C. Real Beznar Literature, Speaker, Step Meeting, Tradition Study
7:30 pm There is a solution
Johanneskirche Gemeindehaus
Wylerstrasse 5 Bern 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Big Book, Closed, Discussion, Literature, Newcomer
7:30 pm AA Skopje
50-та Дивизија 22 Skopje Big Book, Literature, Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Tradition Study
8:00 pm 12th Step International Group
Geschutswerf 12, 1018 AW Amsterdam, Netherlands
Geschutswerf 12 Amsterdam 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Closed, English, Literature, Step Meeting
8:00 pm Serenity Seekers Group
Kontaktstelle Anonyme Alkoholiker
Stuttgarter Str. 10 Stuttgart Closed, Discussion, Literature
9:30 pm Online Literature/Speaker Meeting (Tuesday)
Friedrichshain Friedrichshain English, Literature, Online Meeting, Open, Speaker
10:00 pm Newcomers Keep Coming
Europe Germany 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, As Bill Sees It, Big Book, Birthday, Daily Reflections, Discussion, English, Gay, Grapevine, Lesbian, Literature, Living Sober, Newcomer, Non-Binary, Online Meeting, Open, People of Color, Secular, Speaker, Step Meeting, Tradition Study, Transgender, Young People