When I came into AA to finally try to get sober, the God word was mentioned . . . a lot! When I was first 12 stepped three years earlier, one of the people who came to visit me at home said “Anything can be your Higher Power! A table or chair, anything!” I thought […]

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AA’s International Convention – A family Get-together

AA’s International Convention – A family Get-together Have you ever attended one of AA’s International Conventions? If you have, and want to repeat this wonderful experience, you should be aware that registration for 2020’s convention in Detroit opens on September 9th. If you haven’t had the chance to attend previously, I can only recommend it. […]

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Jane’s Journey

I was born and brought up in Manchester. I was an only child, my sister was stillborn a couple of years before. I really wanted to be a boy and grew up playing football with the boys and had a fairly happy childhood. My mum and dad brought me up the best they could, although […]

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