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How did you get sober?

Be of service by sharing your experience, strength and hope with fellow alcoholics, new and old, around the world.

ISMYPAA on Zoom 16 April 2022

I.S.M.Y.P.A.A. is the acronym for International Service Meeting of Young People in AA. 2022 will hold the 8th world convention. Last year’s ISMYPAA offered for the first time simultaneous translations

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It Works When You Work It

Like practically everyone else who has gone to an AA meeting, you’ll probably be very surprised the first time. The people you see around you look mostly normal, healthy, reasonably

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Are you an alcoholic?

To help you decide whether you might have a problem with drinking, we’ve prepared these 12 questions.

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How did you get sober?

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A spiritual entity — Tradition Five

Five–Each Alcoholics Anonymous group ought to be a spiritual entity having but one primary purpose—that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers. There are four salient questions

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Responsibilities The CER Chair is responsible for chairing the CER quarterly assemblies, setting the agenda of these meetings (with the assistance and guidance of the Secretary, the Steering Committee and

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