YPAA Convention Information

Almost every weekend of the year, there is a YPAA convention or multi-day event somewhere in the world:  Australia, Japan, South Africa, Europe, and all across the USA and Canada. Just recently, convention information has been added/updated for: AusYPAA (Melbourne, Australia), SCANCYPAA (Uppsala, Sweden), SAYPAA (Johannesburg, South Africa), QYPAA (Queensland, Australia), SWACYPAA (Salt Lake City, Utah), […]

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CER’s Public Information System Carries the Message

We formed a Public Information Committee after CER’s Dec. 2013 decision to allocate budgeted funds to PI initiatives, specifically 600 Euros per quarter. Members include: Michael K., Public Information Officer, Joel B., Alternate Delegate, Roger C., Nordic Intergroup Alternate Region Rep, Dorien B., Netherlands IG Region Rep, and Ron D., ArenA Editor – and with […]

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Farther Along the Road

This year I will be 75 years old and sober half my life in AA. I have outlived five of my six sponsors and the one still around, a wonderful woman with nearly 50 years of sobriety who heard my first 5th Step 36 years ago is unfortunately no longer available as a sponsor. So, […]

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