….from the Chair (December 2013)

My name is Jeroen, and I’m an alcoholic. My home group is the Amsterdam Sunrise Serenity Group and my sobriety date is December 8, 2001. Since December 2012, I’m the Chair of CER, something I’m thrilled about ever since. The December 2013 CER meeting will be held online for the first time ever. I am […]

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Help the “Young People Project”

The UK General Service Board has restarted the ‘Young People Project’, which is a committee of people looking at how we can better reach young alcoholics. Already underway is an updated poster directed to young people. The YP Project would also like to look at other literature, online resources and what we are doing with school talks, etc. If […]

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Carrying the Message on the Internet

The Netherlands Intergroup ( in October 2013 started a trial Google AdWords search campaign. The idea was to carry A.A.’s message of recovery to English-speaking people in the Netherlands who use Google to find information about problem drinking or alcoholism. The Intergroup’s PI Committee, including CER Chair Jeroen S., coordinated the campaign and shared early […]

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