Are YPAA Groups Legitimate AA?

During the group and online forum discussions of the Conference topics, the question came up if Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (YPAA) groups were, for lack of a better word, “legitimate” AA groups. To the legitimacy of ICYPAA and YPAA groups, the simplest answer is that YPAA and ICYPA are a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. They never exclude […]

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Second YPLO Elected in Great Britain

London South West Intergroup, an intergroup in the London Region South of the General Service Office of Great Britain, has elected Jon B. as their first Young Persons Liaison Officer (YPLO). This is the second such service position in the GSO, following the Continental European Region.  With Conference encouraging Regions and Intergroups to have each a Young Persons Liaison Officer […]

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