Contributions to CER

How to make a contribution to CER / CERES*

CERES* has a new Swiss bank account (yay!) as of 22.02.2021. As of this date, please only use our NEW PostFinance bank account when making contributions to CER/CERES*.

When sending 7th Tradition contributions, please conform to the following:

  1. Currently, we can only accept contributions via Electronic Bank Transfer. This is a €uro account – send contributions only denominated in EUR currency. If this is not possible, contact CER Treasurer ( – we’ll work something out.
  2. With the new EU-wide SEPA system, you should only need our IBAN and BIC/SWIFT to send your contribution. But it depends on your local bank. CERES* bank info is noted below.
  3. IMPORTANT !!!!!*
    Regardless which system your bank supports, the remarks field of the transfer order form MUST state “Contribution to AA – from IG/Group/Individual Name”
    *If the contribution is not marked as above, we have to send it back to you for tax reasons.

    CERES* Bank Account information:
    Account Name of Recipient: The CERES Association
    IBAN: CH03 0900 0000 1565 0445 1
    Bank name: PostFinance
    Bank Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland

    Your bank may also ask for these numbers:

    Recipient Account Number: 15-650445-1
    euroSIC Clearing nr: 090002

  4. Please alert the Treasurer ( after submitting a contribution to expect incoming funds from your bank.
  5. Also alert us if your group or Intergroup Treasurer has changed, so that we can send her/him an e-mail confirmation once we receive your contribution.
    If you have any questions email the CER Treasurer at

Thank you!

Currently, we can only accept Donations made via Electronic Bank Transfers to the CER bank account. (Unless of course you’d like to drop into the branch at Duesseldorf or elsewhere! You will still need the following information.) (If this is impossible for you, please contact the and we’ll work something out !) Account information: Account Name of Recipient: CERES* e.V. Bank Name: Deutsche Bank AG Bank Address: Düsseldorf (With the new SEPA system, you should only need our BIC/SWIFTand IBAN to send your donation) BIC/Swift code: DEUTDEDBDUE IBAN: DE47 3007 0024 0053 6631 00


The remarks field of the transfer document MUST contain either, or both, of the following designations in the remarks field of the transfer form: Remarks field:
  • Either: “Donation to AA – from Group-Name”
  • Or:  “Spende für Alkoholiker Anonyme CER – from Group-Name”
***If the donation is not marked as above, we’ll have to send it back to you, for tax reasons. In the event your bank is still operating with the old system (Germany only), you may need these numbers. Konto (Account number): 0536631 BLZ (bank code): 300 700 24 Also please contact us with your group or Intergroup Treasurer’s e-mail address, so that we can e-mail an acknowledgement once we receive your donation. Please contact the Treasurer if you have questions after reading this:   Keywords: Tradition 7, Seventh Tradition, Donations, Donate 7th Tradition

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