There are three areas your details will be listed:

  1. Continental European Region – this will enable your meeting to be found on the meetings section of this website.
  2. General Service Office (GSO) for Great Britain in York – which covers England, Scotland, Wales, and Continental European Region. Note that Continental European Region participates in the service structure of AA Great Britain.By registering your group with GSO in York, England, your meetings will be shown on the GB website ( will also receive a copy of “AA Service News” in the post (providing you give an up-to-date mailing address), and your group will appear in the “National Where to Find” directory.
  3. GSO US / Canada – and the World Service Office in New York who will, upon request, provide contact for members relocation/traveling overseas.

In the interest of unity we have provide one form that will allow you to do all three at once should your group chose to. Follow this link for the “Register New CER Meeting Form”.

Note that to list your meeting information to the G.S.O.s and W.S.O. there is a requirement for more information that we ask for at CER, this is at their request, CER does not receive this information.