Regional Service Opportunities

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Regional Officer Positions

Last updated 8 September 2022

Please be aware that the Continental European Region has various service positions that need to be filled.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who can add value to these positions. Each position is essential in making CER a complete working unit.

As a spoke in the AA Triangle – Unity, Service and Recovery these positions offer me a look at service at a regional level. The service work of being a trusted servant at this level has no fanfare, but what it does accomplish; is it keeps AA intact and operating for the countless others who will be Trudging The Road of Happy Destiny in days, months, and years to come. That’s the satisfaction I take away is knowing I have been part of something for the still suffering alcoholic.

Remember “We aren’t a glum lot” (Big Book Family Afterwards), yes committee’s can be dry, and the mundane tasks are necessary in the big cog that keeps AA turning. We do actually have a lot of fun.

Here are the positions. They are described here:

Alternate Treasurer

Public Information (PI) Officer

Armed Forces Liaison Officer (RASLO)

Alternate Regional Delegate to Conference

Member of the Web Update team

Member of the Online Email Help Response team

I look forward to meeting those individuals who put forward their resume, sooner rather than later and hope you all are staying safe and well.


James R

Vice Chair CER. 

Webteam: Online Email Help Responder

Qualifications for online responder are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity of email across the Internet.

Webteam: Web Updater

Qualifications for Web Updater are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity with CMS (WordPress)

Regional Armed Forces Liaison Officer

The RASLO is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and program of recovery is conveyed to Military Organizations within continental Europe. Additionally, the RASLO coordinates with PI and if available Military Liaison at intergroup level the best practices to liaise with Military Organization. Duties often overlap with those of the PILO.

The main responsibilities of the ASLO Officer are to:

  • Liaise with Military Organizations, offering resources and literature recommendations
  • Engage with Chaplain Offices to provide resources and summary of AA program
  • Attend quarterly Assembly CER Meetings and provide a written report of RASLO activities
  • Liaise with CER & GSO, York
  • Attend the annual meeting of Regional ASLO Officers in York
  • Work with other Officers, Committees & Sub-Committees when appropriate
  • The RASL Officer usually responds to emails within 72 hours.

CER Young People Liaison Officer (YPLO)

  • The YPLO should have the following qualifications:
  • Come into alcoholics anonymous at an age of thirty of younger
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of continuous sobriety
  • Have a strong AA service record
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve traditions
  • Be willing and able to serve for 3 years

The main responsibilities of the YPLO are to:

  • Share experience, strength, and hope about getting sober at a young age;
  • Encourage young people in AA to enter into all aspects of service;
  • Maintain open communication with intergroup, groups, and individuals so that they may better serve young alcoholics inside and outside of AA;
  • Assist the PILO in presentations where the audience is likely to include a signification amount of young people;
  • Support AA activities aimed at young alcoholics both within and outside the Region;
  • Attend and participate in the General Service Board’s Young People’s project; and
  • Prepare and submit an annual report on the Region’s liaison activities to Board Trustee for YPLOs.

The YPLO usually responds to emails within 72 hours

ArenA Newsletter Editor

Responsibilities of the ArenA Newsletter Editor include:

  • To periodically produce an electronic Newsletter sent to all subscribers via the CER website; and
  • To be an enthusiastic advocate of ArenA News in Groups, Intergroups and Regions by soliciting articles and items of interest to the CER fellowship and posting these items on the CER website.

The ArenA Editor an active member of and should attend sub-committee meetings of the Electronics Communications Committee (ECC) and the Public Information (PI) Committee, as applicable.

The ArenA Editor should have a working knowledge of the AA structure and adhere to the Traditions and Concepts.

The ArenA Editor usually responds to emails within 72 hours.

Alternate Delegate for Region to the General Service Conference

More Information:

The roles are described in the document how it works

More details on CER can be found online


Service Position Descriptions

The following guides contain descriptions & other important information about the service positions mentioned and about service in AA.

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