Regional Officer Positions


June 2021 Elections:


CER Chair

The CER Chair is responsible for chairing CER meetings, setting the CER meeting agendas (with the assistance and guidance of the Steering Committee and input from CER Officers and members), chairing Steering Committee meetings, communicating as required with members, Groups, Intergroups, Officers, CERES* (the legal entity which supports CER in carrying out its activities), and outside entities, and to every extent possible facilitating CER’s continued functioning as the AA service entity directly responsible to Intergroups, and in turn to Groups and members.

The Chair will be the “originator” for negotiating with venues and facilities for CER face-to-face meetings, such as at hostels, in those instances when CER makes its own arrangements for CER meetings. The Chair will consult, advise and assist local hosts when CER meetings are hosted by local AA Intergroups and/or Groups.

Chairs and candidates for Chair should be familiar with The Traditions and The Concepts, the CER Digest of Decisions, and service literature, including ‘The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain’ and ‘The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain’. Additional readings and resources thatChairs and potential Chairs may find useful include ‘AA Comes of Age’, ‘AA Service News’, the ArenA Newsletter, and annual reports of the General Service Conference.

The CER Chair usually responds to emails within 72 hours.



The Trustee role is a four-year rotation and we hope to elect nominees for this role in June 2021.  More detailed information on the Trustee role can be found in the following documents:

  • The General Service Board (GSB), the full title of which is “The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Limited”, consists of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic members. The Board is responsible to the General Service Conference for carrying into effect the decisions taken by the Conference on service matters and is required to give an account of its stewardship to the Conference annually. A pdf of the GSB presentation from the AAGB website is found here:
  • A Trustee is an alcoholic member of the GSB and is appointed on the basis of one from each of the 16 Regions. Therefore, CER may have one Trustee on the board at any one time.
  • The GSB is the custodian of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain. As such, they have a responsibility to ensure that the Traditions are preserved intact and that the Fellowship of AA in Great Britain acts in accordance with the Traditions.

A Trustee’s responsibilities as a GSB member are grouped into four distinct areas:

  1. Service responsibilities to the Fellowship
  2. Responsibilities under the Companies Acts
  3. Responsibilities under the Charities Acts
  4. Responsibilities as employers

The levels of time commitment and the personal responsibility demanded of General Service Board members far exceed those at any other level of service in Alcoholics Anonymous. Board members take on these responsibilities voluntarily on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain.

Alternate Treasurer

The CER Alternate Treasurer performs all the duties of the Treasurer in their absence, and provides a second signature on all transactions where possible, or at a minimum a second pair of eyes. It is a non-reimbursable position.

  • To ensure that contributions (clearly marked as ‘Donations’/’Spende’ for statuary reasons) are properly received and acknowledged;
  • To verify expense claims and ensure that trusted servants are reimbursed promptly for service expenses;
  • To maintain an accurate record of the CER accounts (“the books”) for audit by an independent accountant; consequently, the CER Treasurer also becomes the Treasurer for CERES* to match accountability with responsibility (for information on CERES* please read Chapter 7 on CER Finances);
  • To prepare and report to the Region Assembly the Quarterly Accounts for approval by the Assembly. To prepare any other reports as seen fit (e.g., meeting costs, annual year-end report, annual budget);
  • To maintain a list of Intergroup Treasurers and to propose Treasury workshops as needed;
  • To serve as a member of the CER Steering Committee;
  • To attend the yearly Regional Treasury Liaison Officer meeting (currently 3rd weekend of January) in York and share experience, strength and hope;
  • To respond to emails/reimbursement requests in 72 hrs. The actual process to manage reimbursements is more elaborate since this process includes the CERES* Chair (because of the 4-eyes principle – see Chapter 7) and will usually include international transfers. For transfers to non-Euro accounts, the expected processing time is usually 10 to 15 working days.


More Information:

More details on CER can be found online



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CER Website Team Service Positions


Online Email Help Responder:

Qualifications for online responder are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity of email across the Internet.


Web Updater Team:

Qualifications for Web Updater are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity with CMS (WordPress)

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Service Position Descriptions

The following guides contain descriptions & other important information about the service positions mentioned and about service in AA.