Regional Service Opportunities

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Regional Officer Positions

Last updated 10 March 2023

Vice Chair

Roles described in the document how it works

Webteam: Online Email Help Responder

Qualifications for online responder are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity of email across the Internet.

Webteam: Web Updater

Qualifications for Web Updater are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity with CMS (WordPress)

Conference Delegates/Alternates

2 open positions for September 2023

More info regarding this position on p. 25 of “How it works”

A region is entitled to send six delegates to Conference. These should be from suitably experienced members able to conform to the requirements (set out in the section of “The General Service Conference”, section 1.5 in this handbook), who have been nominated either by the member intergroups or the regional assembly for election by the regional assembly. They should be elected well before Conference so that their names may go forward when required by GSO so that they will have time to absorb the relevant papers and re-read the suggested literature.

Quality of sobriety and service record should be the guiding principles when electing delegates. It is recommended that delegates have a minimum of 5 years continuous sobriety and that before electing a delegate, a region satisfies itself that the member has demonstrated a commitment through service to the Fellowship.

Potential delegates should be made aware, before election, of the commitment this post entails. In order to be elected as a delegate a member need not be a serving member of their region at the time of the election but an elected delegate becomes a full member of region.

While remembering that the best person for the job should be elected for the sake of AA as a whole, consideration should be given to ensuring that intergroups have easy access to a Conference delegate.

A Conference delegate’s duties do not finish with the end of the Conference. In fact this is only the beginning. He or she should be available and willing to report back fully to the region and also be willing to travel to intergroup and group meetings if invited to do so.

Conference delegates’ duties are fully explained in General Service Conference section 1.5 in the AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 5th Edition.

Alternate Delegate for Region to the General Service Conference

1 open position for September 2023

What is Conference?

The General Service Conference (GSC) of AA Great Britain (AA GB) is held when Delegates from all Regions that make up the service structure in GB, which includes CER, come together every April in York, England to review annual reports and discuss future matters. Conference therefore defines both the service structure of AA and is the annual meeting of its representatives.

Conference is the practical means by which the group conscience of AA can express itself and deal with questions that affect AA as a whole. The Conference structure was created when Bill W. and Dr. Bob wanted to retire from actively leading AA. They turned over to the fellowship the task of answering questions pertaining to the running of AA, in a format that is still used today.

Conference is the time when the General Service Board (GSB) of the AA Structure (the Trustees, employees and GSO Management) report to the fellowship about the previous year’s activities and is the Annual General Business Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous GB. Refer to the Process Map for more details, with the latest PDF and animated versions available on our website.

CER Secretary

As the Officer who is the primary communications facilitator within CER, the Secretary is crucial to the smooth running of an Assembly of the Continental European Region (CER). This involves activities before, during and after CER meetings.

The Secretary works with the Steering Committee to determine what business requires discussion at the Assembly and what requires a decision by the Steering Committee, and is responsible for consulting with and assisting the Chairperson in setting the meeting agenda. The Secretary helps ensure that notice of the meeting is given, that suitable accommodation is arranged and confirmed, and that copies of the agenda are prepared. He or she circulates to all members the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, and any documents to be discussed at the meeting, making sure that reports or information requested at the previous meeting are available.

The Secretary takes the minutes of CER and Steering Committee meetings. This includes recording the key points and all decisions and proposals, as well as the name of the person(s) responsible for
carrying them out. The minutes ought to include clear action points and a record of who is present.

The Secretary will convey and record apologies received from those absent, and read the minutes of the previous meeting. If approved, he or she will post them on the AA fileshare.

The Secretary will report on action or matters arising from the previous minutes, read any important correspondence that has been received, ensure that the Chairperson is supplied with all necessary information for items on the agenda, and remind the Chairperson if an item has been overlooked.

After a CER or Steering Committee meeting, the Secretary will prepare a draft of the minutes and consult the Chairperson for approval. The Secretary will also contact the relevant person(s) as a reminder of each decision requiring action.

The Secretary will promptly send all correspondence as decided by the full Assembly or Steering Committee.

The Secretary will maintain and update the confidential electronic CER General Assembly list for the purpose of distributing all official and approved CER announcements and documents, as described in
the CER Digest of Decisions (June 2016 decision).

The Secretary will maintain and update the CER Digest of Decisions.
The Secretary will also take on the responsibility of ensuring that the RECLO and the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) are provided the pertinent details for keeping the CER website current and up-to-date with regard to essential CER service information and will, if deemed appropriate by the RECLO and ECC, assist in those updates.
The CER Secretary usually responds to emails within 48 hours.

Alternate Treasurer

The CER Alternate Treasurer performs all the duties of the Treasurer in their absence, and provides a second signature on all transactions where possible, or at a minimum a second pair of eyes. It is a non-reimbursable position.

  • To ensure that contributions (clearly marked as ‘Donations’/’Spende’ for statuary reasons) are properly received and acknowledged;
  • To verify expense claims and ensure that trusted servants are reimbursed promptly for service expenses;
  • To maintain an accurate record of the CER accounts (“the books”) for audit by an independent accountant; consequently, the CER Treasurer also becomes the Treasurer for CERES* to match accountability with responsibility (for information on CERES* please read Chapter 7 on CER Finances);
  • To prepare and report to the Region Assembly the Quarterly Accounts for approval by the Assembly. To prepare any other reports as seen fit (e.g., meeting costs, annual year-end report, annual budget);
  • To maintain a list of Intergroup Treasurers and to propose Treasury workshops as needed;
  • To serve as a member of the CER Steering Committee;
  • To attend the yearly Regional Treasury Liaison Officer meeting (currently 3rd weekend of January) in York and share experience, strength and hope;
  • To respond to emails/reimbursement requests in 72 hrs. The actual process to manage reimbursements is more elaborate since this process includes the CERES* Chair (because of the 4-eyes principle – see Chapter 7) and will usually include international transfers. For transfers to non-Euro accounts, the expected processing time is usually 10 to 15 working days.

More Information:

The roles are described in the document how it works

More details on CER can be found online

Service Position Descriptions

The following guides contain descriptions & other important information about the service positions mentioned and about service in AA.

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