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September 2021 Elections:

The roles are also described in the document how it works

Trustee to the General Service Board AA GB and Continental Europe

The Trustee role is a four-year rotation and we hope to elect nominees for this role in September 2021. More detailed information on the Trustee role can be found in the following documents:

  • The General Service Board (GSB), the full title of which is “The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Limited”, consists of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic members. The Board is responsible to the General Service Conference for carrying into effect the decisions taken by the Conference on service matters and is required to give an account of its stewardship to the Conference annually. A pdf of the GSB presentation from the AAGB website is found here:
  • A Trustee is an alcoholic member of the GSB and is appointed on the basis of one from each of the 16 Regions. Therefore, CER may have one Trustee on the board at any one time.
  • The GSB is the custodian of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain. As such, they have a responsibility to ensure that the Traditions are preserved intact and that the Fellowship of AA in Great Britain acts in accordance with the Traditions.

A Trustee’s responsibilities as a GSB member are grouped into four distinct areas:

  1. Service responsibilities to the Fellowship
  2. Responsibilities under the Companies Acts
  3. Responsibilities under the Charities Acts
  4. Responsibilities as employers

The levels of time commitment and the personal responsibility demanded of General Service Board members far exceed those at any other level of service in Alcoholics Anonymous. Board members take on these responsibilities voluntarily on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain.

Alternate Treasurer

The CER Alternate Treasurer performs all the duties of the Treasurer in their absence, and provides a second signature on all transactions where possible, or at a minimum a second pair of eyes. It is a non-reimbursable position.

  • To ensure that contributions (clearly marked as ‘Donations’/’Spende’ for statuary reasons) are properly received and acknowledged;
  • To verify expense claims and ensure that trusted servants are reimbursed promptly for service expenses;
  • To maintain an accurate record of the CER accounts (“the books”) for audit by an independent accountant; consequently, the CER Treasurer also becomes the Treasurer for CERES* to match accountability with responsibility (for information on CERES* please read Chapter 7 on CER Finances);
  • To prepare and report to the Region Assembly the Quarterly Accounts for approval by the Assembly. To prepare any other reports as seen fit (e.g., meeting costs, annual year-end report, annual budget);
  • To maintain a list of Intergroup Treasurers and to propose Treasury workshops as needed;
  • To serve as a member of the CER Steering Committee;
  • To attend the yearly Regional Treasury Liaison Officer meeting (currently 3rd weekend of January) in York and share experience, strength and hope;
  • To respond to emails/reimbursement requests in 72 hrs. The actual process to manage reimbursements is more elaborate since this process includes the CERES* Chair (because of the 4-eyes principle – see Chapter 7) and will usually include international transfers. For transfers to non-Euro accounts, the expected processing time is usually 10 to 15 working days.


Vice-chair for Continental European Region

The Vice-Chair represents the CER Chair in her/his absence with respect to all duties outlined in its service description.

The Vice-Chair is a member of the CER Steering Committee. The sole explicit extra duty of the Vice-Chair is to coordinate the revision and, when necessary, the update of the ‘CER – How it Works document at least every two years and to seek the Assembly’s approval of the revised document.
The Vice-Chair may, at the discretion of the Chair, be tasked with ad hoc assignments as the need arises.

Vice-Chairs and candidates for this service position should be familiar with The Traditions and The Concepts, the CER Digest of Decisions, and service literature, including ‘The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain’ and ‘The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain’. Additional readings and resources that Chairs and potential Chairs may find useful include ‘AA Comes of Age’, ‘AA Service News’, the ArenA Newsletter, and
annual reports of the General Service Conference.

Regional Armed Forces Liaison Officer

The RASLO is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and program of recovery is conveyed to Military Organizations within continental Europe. Additionally, the RASLO coordinates with PI and if available Military Liaison at intergroup level the best practices to liaise with Military Organization. Duties often overlap with those of the PILO.

The main responsibilities of the ASLO Officer are to:

  • Liaise with Military Organizations, offering resources and literature recommendations
  • Engage with Chaplain Offices to provide resources and summary of AA program
  • Attend quarterly Assembly CER Meetings and provide a written report of RASLO activities
  • Liaise with CER & GSO, York
  • Attend the annual meeting of Regional ASLO Officers in York
  • Work with other Officers, Committees & Sub-Committees when appropriate
  • The RASL Officer usually responds to emails within 72 hours.

CERES* Board member

For the purposes of the CER assembly and its officers to handle the amounts of money that are involved with organizing CER Assembly meetings, reimbursing its officers, funding its projects and forwarding excess 7th Tradition contributions to AA GB, the Region has created a non-profit organization in Germany that serves as an umbrella organization to enable CER to obtain financial and tax clearance for all its transactions. It is a structure CER has decided to install in compliance with European law.

The German bank that CER uses for its financial transactions requires CER to be supported by a non- profit organization for financial accountability; otherwise the bank cannot register CER. Consequently, the formation of CERES* is an administrative solution to enable CER to function.

In order to exist and perform its duties CERES* needs a board.

The CERES* Board, comprising AA Members from the Region, meets as necessary during the year and is ultimately accountable for ensuring all financial transactions are performed according to ruling tax-regulations. Without this non-profit organization, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to viably maintain and support the CER operations in a legal and practical manner.

The CERES* by-laws state its support of and adherence to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. CERES* is a non-profit association created to support members of English- speaking Alcoholics Anonymous in Europe in service to those who seek to recover from the disease of alcoholism. The purpose of CERES* is to support the recovery of alcoholics by:

  • Providing a free access website where English-speaking alcoholics are able to find information about recovery from the disease of alcoholism and the locations of English-speaking groups in Europe; and
  • Helping to organize regularly-held CER Assemblies where representatives of Alcoholics Anonymous groups and intergroups from throughout Europe can exchange experience, strength and hope in support of public health and pool efforts from AA members at the European level.

The non-profit association directly pursues only charitable purposes. It is altruistic and does not pursue any economic objectives.

All board members are AA members that are or have been active in CER. As with all AA officers, only necessary costs are reimbursed by the CER Treasurer.

The CERES* Board has a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 7, each with a service term of 3 years. The Executive Board consists of a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. The other members are general board members. They are all formally proposed and elected in CERES* Board meetings (online and/or face-to-face). They are registered with their personal details at the German Courts, which maintain information of all non-profit organizations in Germany. Once this is completed, they are registered at the bank to enable the performance of financial transactions.

It is strongly suggested that we always have at least one AA member from Germany on the CERES* Board to ease communications with our current bank, as some verifications or requests are best made in person.

The CER Treasurer is currently also the CERES* Treasurer, mainly for practical reasons, as the CERES* Treasurer accesses the bank account to manage CER finances. Additionally, another board member, usually the CERES* Chair, has access to the bank account to ensure that at least 2 persons can authorize bank transactions and to ensure continuity.

The CER Treasurer and the CERES* Chair maintain instructions and procedures to access and manage the bank account according to current bank regulations.

CERES*, its remit and relationship towards CER is currently being reassessed in order to ensure continues to work in line with the Traditions, the Concepts of Service and the applicable laws.


Ambassador to the 75Th Anniversary of AA GB

The 75th Anniversary Regional Ambassador role is an interface between the 75th Anniversary Committee and the local Fellowship.

Each region’s requirements will vary and like any service position what each member brings to it will be down to them.

At the first meeting on June 20th, 2021, ten regions sent Ambassadors and a Rep from the Channel Islands also attended.

A few tasks were agreed:

  • Spread the word
  • Help members who may struggle with the website to make their bookings
  • Provide the Chair with their region’s historical milestones (maximum ten each). These will be on popups at the convention creating a regional historical walkway.
  • Also providing some pictures would be good.

The Ambassadors were also asked to ask their members for ‘Thank You AA’ statements, which will also be on popups at the convention.

There is a lot of enthusiasm and ideas:

  • Some areas want to run coaches for their members.
  • Others looking at ways that their regions can help those less fortunate financially to attend (as this weekend will be for us all).


Public Information Liaison Officer (PILO)

The PILO is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and program of recovery is conveyed to outside organizations to the best possible advantage. Additionally, the PILO encourages PI activities at the group and intergroup levels, sharing best practices and fostering collaboration among PI officers. As a two-fold service position, the PILO helps build relationships with the outside world while serving the needs of member groups and intergroups. Duties often overlap with those of the HLO, RASLO, YPLO, and RECLO, who might find it beneficial to work as a team.

An understanding of online analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) is recommended.

The main responsibilities of the PI Officer are to:

  • Liaise with Groups & Intergroups, offering suggestions when necessary;
  • Organise and conduct PI workshops and PI roadshows;
  • Liaise with CER & GSO, York;
  • Attend quarterly Assembly CER Meetings and provide a written report of PIO activities;
  • Attend the annual meeting of Regional PI Officers in York;
  • Attend Conferences and Conventions where and when appropriate; and
  • Work with other Officers, Committees & Sub-Committees when appropriate. The PI Officer usually responds to emails within 72 hours.


Alternate Delegate for Region to the General Service Conference


More Information:

The roles are described in the document how it works

More details on CER can be found online



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CER Website Team Service Positions


Online Email Help Responder:

Qualifications for online responder are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity of email across the Internet.


Web Updater Team:

Qualifications for Web Updater are:

  • Two years’ continuous sobriety
  • Experience of service within AA
  • Computer literacy, particularly with experience and familiarity with CMS (WordPress)

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Service Position Descriptions

The following guides contain descriptions & other important information about the service positions mentioned and about service in AA.