Minutes & Highlights from Vienna

Hello Members of CER!

A cold and wintry Vienna was the scene for our latest March Regional Assembly, where 40 active members from all over Continental Europe came together for a weekend of fellowship and service. With the Vienna Intergroup as our terrific hosts, the Jugendgästehaus provided the ideal space for officers and representatives to share their collective experience, strength and hope regarding their latest Twelfth-Step activities.

Highlights included; online participation, discussions on the questions and literature proposals for Conference 2018, regional officer reports, updates from the numerous intergroups and groups in CER, and service position rotation. For more detailed reports, please refer to the draft assembly minutes (attached).

Six additional members were able to join us, who would not have otherwise, through online participation. Although this service proved valuable and will continue in the future, it was limited by reduced interaction and occasional technical difficulties – we therefore recommend members still attend our face-to-face meetings in-person whenever possible.

Our team of six delegates, and three alternates, presented the Conference Questions 2018 with responses from the assembly recorded. Remember that feedback can still be submitted via email to confdel.cer@nullaamail.org or through our Online Feedback Form up until the end of March.

CER’s Regional Officers reported on their latest service activities; our RECLO is working on the many optimisations for our website, our Archivist published the first edition of the Archives Newsletter, our Secretary presented our Annual Report for 2017, our HLO would like some help redesigning our advert for the next ECMH, our ArenA editor requested more service based articles from our officers, and our PIO has been facilitating online PI workshops.

We also heard reports from our Steering Committee, along with our Outreach and GDPR ad-hoc committees, and from the many active intergroups across CER.

Thank you to Nigel P. our outgoing Trustee for all his stellar service work and Turkish delights over the years. We wish Nigel well as the new Chair of the GSB. Many thanks also and good luck to Erik A. who is rotating out of the Chair position and into our Regional Trustee role. Finally, a warm welcome to Thomas H. from Berlin who was elected as our new Young Persons Liasion Officer (YPLO).

Don’t forget we have four important regional service positions coming up for election in June; the CER Chair, as well as three Delegates to Conference. Please submit your nominations in advance of the assembly, and more information can be found online here. In addition, board members are urgently required to serve on CERES*, our legal entity. These are all very important service positions that need to be filled to keep CER functioning effectively.

Our next quarterly Regional Assembly will be held in Düsseldorf Germany on the weekend 9th – 10th June 2018 and will again be streamed online. Please find attached your invitation – we look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in service,


Matt S.
Secretary, Continental European Region

DRAFT v0.2 Minutes CER Assembly 3-4 March 2018

Invitation to CER Assembly Dusseldorf June 2018 v2.0